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About AbInBev: Design Challenge

Welcome to Round 2 of ABInBev Data Engineering challenge. Please read the problem statement carefully.

Your client is an International Training Institute, headquartered in Bangalore India. It has its presence across USA, Canada & Middle East countries. It specializes in providing classroom & online trainings in Finance & Information Technology.

Customer is looking for guidance to build a data Warehouse for the existing business which should help client to take appropriate business decisions.

 Key Points about the business:

  • It offers courses for both domestic and international students
  • Provides classroom & online sessions
  • Accepts both local & foreign currencies
  • Students from different Time Zones can apply for the courses
  • It accepts request for new courses
  • Maintains feedback details about Students & Courses
  • Offers Online Exam Facility
  • Current application is running on Mainframe systems
  • Output of the mainframe is flat file

Candidate Objective:

Build high level architecture proposal that should cover all the above points.

  • End-End Logical ArchitectureData Model for the proposed DWH
  • Overall Data Flow Diagram with standard ETL features
    • Initial Migration
    • Incremental Migration
  • Best Practices including Performance Boosters

Feel free to use any application (Visio, Power Point) to build the above artifacts.


Note: The last submission that you do before the deadline will be considered as your final submission

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