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Rules of the challenge

  1. The core of Analytics Vidhya is the high-quality content we publish to help the analytics community grow. Aligned with this objective, you have to write a finished article that will be assessed by the AV team.
  2. The article will be assessed based on content quality, grammar, structure, and the comprehensiveness of the topic.
  3. Extending AV’s culture of free mind, you have the freedom to choose any topic of choice to write this article. We will provide a list of potential topics you can write on that can maximize your visibility.
  5. The results as judged by Analytics Vidhya would be final.
  6. Participant must update their profile with authentic details and upload their latest CV. Otherwise, a participant will not be considered for the position

Suggested Approach for the challenge

Having mastered the art of writing articles that can gain popularity and credibility, AV team has some important suggestions that you should be included in your article.

  1. We have a list of topic based on our deep research and experience in the field of creating quality content. We recommend choosing one of the listed topics for gaining maximum personal branding.
  2. Access the blogging guidelines and recommended topics at this link.
  3. Use the recommended structure for laying out the article to ease readability of the article.
  4. Use maximum diagrams/images for illustration. More visual the article is more attention this article will attract.
  5. The grammar used should be accurate. You can use Grammarly or Ginger or any other online grammar check tools to do a final check.

What is the hiring process?

Because we get a high volume of applications, we follow a structured process to make selections.

  • The first round is the article writing challenge. We will select all the participants who score above the AV article quality threshold. These thresholds are internally defined and not shared with participants.
  • All the selected articles will be published on AV with the author's name. The author will be invited for technical skills and fit assessment interview round.
  • The best people will be offered an internship at AV.

What should you expect from the internship at AV?

  • A team of best data scientists and thought leaders from industry
  • Disciplined entrepreneurship within team. Each person is the owner of his own work – you set the milestones, the pace and the achievements.
  • High standards, deep passion for data science and a commitment to find out ways to make things work.

What is the Role?

Here are the specific things you will do during the internship:

  • Learn Python / R, tools and techniques used in data science.
  • Research on these tools and techniques to solve business problems and problems faced by analytics professionals across the globe.
  • Once you have the solution, share it with the rest of the world through Analytics Vidhya.
  • Continuously learning new skills and evangelizing them within our community.
  • Helping members of our community.

What are the skills required?

People deeply passionate about data science, who are ready for steep learning in data science. You should be technically sound and logically brilliant.

Here are some of the traits for ideal candidate:

  • Hard working and passionate for data science
  • Smart enough to learn languages and techniques quickly.
  • Past coding experience will be preferred.
  • Knowledge of data science tools, statistics and participation in data-science competitions would be added benefit.
  • Good communication skills.

Internship Stipend

For Full time interns in Gurgaon - INR 20,000 per month

For Remote Interns - INR 10,000 per month

Number Of Internships Available

We have 10 openings for the internship.

Additional Information

  • This is 3 - 6 months full time/part time internship.
  • If you perform well, you will be considered for a full-time role with Analytics Vidhya.
  • People who interned with us in the past are working with ZS, Fractal, Uber, Microsoft, Abzooba and other exciting places

Where is the role based?

Wherever you are based. We would love to have you in our office in Gurgaon


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