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About AV LearnUp Bengaluru: Data Science in Healthcare

With the aim to create a community full of trendy analysts & data scientists, we are coming up with the next series of meetups focused on individual domains & topics. We will discuss important healthcare related case studies & analytics to track. The meetup will be a conference & workshop format to listen to guest sessions & solve a hands-on problem.

Artificial Intelligence is believed to be one of the greatest inventions in the history of computing. AI is powering everything - from recommending routes on a map to building self-driven cars. It has its applicability in almost every real-world scenario ranging from healthcare to education to finance to automobiles and what not? This talk will outline the challenges and plausible pathways to build intelligent screening solutions in healthcare using Artificial Intelligence.


If you are interested in healthcare data science careers, this is the best session for you.


10:00 am Introduction by Analytics Vidhya

10:15 am Guest Session by Bharath Cheluvaraju

11:15 am Session on Data Science in Healthcare

11:45 am Tea & Snacks Break / QnA for all career related queries

12:00 pm Demo session & problem solving for 2 hours 


About Speaker: Bharath Cheluvaraju 



Chief Computer Scientist @ 

Bharath Cheluvaraju is an "engineer at heart" with an eclectic mix of expertise in theoretical research, data science and engineering large scale distributed systems. He's authored several research publications in conferences and journals, he also has patents granted in the areas of distributed systems, network analysis and software engineering.


Prior to SigTuple he had stints at the Big Data Labs at American Express and Infoss Research Labs. He holds a master's degree in Computer Science specialising in Information Systems and Data Science.





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