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About AV Learnup Chennai

Data driven jobs are in high demand these days. Companies are investing heavily in recruiting candidates with analytics / data science skills. Needless to say, their median salary is much higher than IT engineers / Marketing people. Harvard Business Review has already named it as ‘Sexiest Job of 21st Century’.

Here is your chance to make or break your career in this booming industry. If you are a curious soul, keen to learn data science, we’ll help you to take your first step. We’ll hold your hand until you learn to stand firmly.

We bring you ‘AV LearnUp’, a foundation session for beginners, passionate to become successful in data science / analytics industry.

In this session, I’ll introduce you to the real side of data science/ analytics. I’ll show you the drivers of success in  data science. They aren’t expensive to buy, but demands huge dedication. Do you have that?

Let’s meet and see then! I’ll also share some useful career tips and tricks to get started quickly in data science. Finally, we’ll work on real life data to give you practical experience of data analytics.

Important Points:

1. Bring Your Laptop

2. Install Excel / SAS/ R / Python

3. Don’t carry lunch. Food is on the house!

4. There is NO FEES!

I am excited to see you then.


This Meetup (hackathon) is sponsored by Freshdesk


First Floor, Block B, SP Infocity, 40 MGR Salai, Perungudi, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600096, India (map)

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