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About Data & Beyond - IIM Bangalore 2017

“Data, I think, is one of the most powerful mechanisms for telling stories. I take a huge pile of data and I try to get it to tell stories.” – Steven Levitt, Co-author of Freaknomics

In a world where everybody is inquisitive for insights, making inferences and strategizing their way to the top, the field of data analytics is gaining prominence quickly.

Show your mettle in a battle of numbers, prediction and accuracy!


Contest Guidelines

  • Participant must be a B-School student
  • One person cannot participate with more than one user accounts
  • External data sets and sources cannot be used in the modeling exercise
  • Appropriate taxes will be applicable on the prize money
  • It has two rounds, Round 1 (Pre-Vista Prelims) and Round 2 (On-Campus Finals). Round 1 is conducted in 2 phases. Phase 1 is a predictive modeling challenge from which top 15 teams will be invited to Phase 2. In Phase 2, the teams will submit a PPT explaining their approach. 6-8 teams will be shortlisted for Round 2 to present their model in front of a panelist at IIM Bangalore campus. The format for submission of round 2 is pptx.
  • For Round 2, Travel fares will be reimbursed for upto Rs.3000 per team on submission of appropriate ticket proofs


  • You are free to use any tool and machine you have rightful access to
  • You can use any programming language or statistical software

Solution Checker

  • You are free to use solution checker as many times as you want
  • Adding comment is mandatory for use of solution checker
  • Comments will help you to refer to a particular solution at a later point in time

Final Submissions

  • Setting final submission is mandatory. If you don't make final submission, your entry would be disqualified
  • No submissions would be entertained after the hackathon ends
  • Code file is mandatory while setting final submission. For GUI-based tools, upload zip file of snapshots of steps taken by you, else upload code file
  • The code file uploaded should be pertaining to your final submission. If we find any discrepancy between the two, your entry would be disqualified

Team formation

  • Maximum of 2 people can form a team
  • In case a team wins, prize would be distributed equally among team members

Expected conduct

  • At any point in the hackathon, you are expected to respect fellow hackers and act with high integrity
  • Slack Live Chat admins hold the right to blacklist/block any participant found to use foul/disrespectful language. Chat forum will be closely monitored
  • Analytics Vidhya holds the right to disqualify any participant at any stage of competition if found indulged in fraudulent practices

Registration Fee