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About DATAHACK SUMMIT 2018: Conference on AI & ML (Bengaluru)

Join us to experience Artificial Intelligence in action like never before with DataHack Summit 2018, which will bring together people, machines & their collaborative intelligence. We are back this year to shape a smarter future of the data science industry..




Conference only Ticket: 12,000/- 10,000 INR 

Conference with workshop Ticket:22,000/- 15,000 INR

DataHack Summit 2018 by the numbers

4 Days | 1200+ Brains | 60+ Power Speakers | 15+ Hack Sessions | 8+ Workshops


Power sessions | Stimulating workshops | Ultimate learning | Research tracks

World-class AI practitioners, AI thought leaders, IOT experts, chief data scientists, data officers, researchers, machine learning engineers, technology evangelists, & data hackers will come together to tackle the toughest data-challenging issues of global organizations..

Here are first 7 workshops, we will deliver during DHS 2018.

1) Applied Machine Learning

Have you ever wondered how to apply machine learning to business problems? This workshop is specially designed to help learn the concepts, tools and techniques involved. You will go through real-life case studies and experience how this is done in the industry.


The focus of this workshop will be on the machine learning pipeline data cleaning, feature engineering, model building and evaluation. You will also learn how to structure a business problem as an ML problem, and then go on to build, select and evaluate the model.


2) Getting Started With Deep Learning

Do you want to jump into the Deep Learning bandwagon? Are you still stuck on grasping how backpropagation works? Then this workshop is for you! The goal of this workshop is to get you up to speed with the advancements in Deep Learning with a practical perspective. Along with this, you will also get to know TensorFlow, a tool which has been getting heavy attention from the community due to its extensiveness in providing end-to-end solutions


3) Getting Started With Natural Language Processing

Interacting with artificial intelligent systems seems a bit simulated at times. This is because the way we converse as humans to one another is completely different from that we do usually with AI systems.


Thankfully, research has been rampant in the area to bridge the gap in conversational AI systems. In this 8-hour workshop, you will get to know about natural language processing, creating word embeddings and developing learners to perform NLP tasks like sentiment analysis, auto-correction and much more.


4) Machine Learning at Scale using SparkML for Big Data

Wondering how to use machine learning at large scale? Join this curated workshop where you will be introduced with Apache Spark to process a large amount of data and build different machine learning models using MLLib.


This workshop goes beyond building your expertise in applying different machine learning algorithms on huge data using MLLib. It focuses on how machine learning algorithms can be applied at scale to work on petabytes of data, to generate models used for predictions.


5) The MasterClass – How to win Data Science Challenges?

Have you ever participated in data science competition and wondered what does it take to become a master? Have you struggled to improve your model beyond a particular score? Or you wonder what goes in the minds of top data scientist – this workshop is what you are looking for.


This is a highly interactive experience with data science masters & top data scientists. The goal of this workshop is to provide a forum for exchanging ideas and new approaches to become masters of data science challenges. Through this workshop, the top data scientists from India will share how they approach data science competitions.


6) Hands-on Deep Learning for Image Processing using PyTorch

In the last few years, there has been a tremendous growth in the data generated by humans, specifically in terms of images or videos. This kind of data is represented as bits and blobs, which is harder to explain to a machine. On the other hand, the applications we can build using this data is substantial - whether it be to parse scenes for a self-driving car, or build robotic machines for industry.


This workshop is meant to give you a taste of how to leverage image data and build innovative real life products, specifically using state-of-the-art techniques - aka Deep Learning. We will walk you through the main tasks you will encounter:

  • How to parse an image and process it

  • How to build object recognition systems and

  • Steps to solve object detection problems in an end-to-end manner


7) INTEL® Deep Learning Workshop

This workshop provides information for developers who want to build, install, and explore TensorFlow optimized on Intel architecture.


What You Will Learn:

  • Build and Install TensorFlow* on Intel® Architecture Neural Networks with TensorFlow
  • Hands on Session on Training the model from scratch for a Sample Dataset , Intel® optimization for TensorFlow*- for Performance & Short exercise for Model optimization
  • Training a Convolutional Neural Network with TensorFlow to perform image classification.
  • Optimizations and performance comparisons.

Registration Fee

Applied ML