DataHour: AI & ML in the Automotive Industry

Online 19-09-2022 07:00 PM to 19-09-2022 08:00 PM
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DataHour Recording

About the DataHour:

The use of AI/ML in automotive Industries has increased rapidly. Now, Industries are using AI/ML in all the major processes. 

In this DataHour Abhishek Raj Permani will talk about many such use cases, like self-driving cars, predictive maintenance , improved safety, and many more. 

He will also explain the different Advanced Driver Assistance System(ADAS) features which are being used in current cars and the different levels of autonomous cars.

Prerequisites:  Enthusiasm for the learning and basic knowledge of AI/ML.

Who is this DataHour for?

  • Students and freshers who want to build their career in AI/ML or the automotive industry.
  • Working professionals who want to transition to the automotive domain.
  • AI/ML professionals who want to accelerate their career growth.



Abhishek Raj Permani

Machine Learning Engineer at Jaguar Land Rover

Abhishek is currently working as a Machine Learning Engineer with Jaguar Land Rover. 

He is a Computer Science Graduate  from IIT. 

In the past, he has worked with "Samsung Research and Development Institute India" in the Data Science Team. Till now, he has presented  three data science papers in international conferences. 

He is not only a researcher but also a mentor to more than 2000 students. Through his Data Structure and Algorithm courses and various live sessions, he has always given back to the community.

Connect with Abhishek  at:


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