DataHour: Build your first Chat-bot using Open Source Tools

Online 11-05-2022 07:00 PM to 11-05-2022 08:00 PM
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DataHour Recording

Find the resources used in the session HERE

About the DataHour:

Chatbots allow you to automate repetitive conversations and can be a huge timesaver both for users and businesses. Modern tooling makes it easier than ever before to get started building flexible, robust chatbots. 

In this DataHour, Rachael will be demonstrating how to build a Chat-bot using Rasa, an Open Source library for building chatbots. She’ll cover the basics of Rasa, including how words are translated into machine learning features and how the next conversation turn is picked. You’ll also get to build the chatbot along with her, so come prepared with the prerequisites.

Prerequisites: Enthusiasm for building a Chat-bot. If you'd like to code-along you should install Rasa Open Source beforehand. Installation guide for: Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu

Who is this DataHour for?

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to build a Chatbot from scratch.


Dr. Rachael Tatman

Staff Developer Advocate at Rasa

Dr. Rachael Tatman is a staff developer advocate at Rasa, where she helps developers use open source software to build great conversational AI projects. Previously, she was Developer Advocate for Kaggle(part of Google) where she was working to grow the Kaggle platform and help Kagglers develop professional data science skills.

Rachael Tatman has a PhD in linguistics from the University of Washington and began testing voice assistant speech recognition systems like Amazon Alexa from a research perspective in 2016.

You can follow her on Twitter and Linkedin.


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