DataHour: Deploying Deep Learning model to production using FastAPI & Docker

Online 05-08-2022 07:00 PM to 05-08-2022 08:00 PM
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DataHour Recording

Find the resources used in the DataHour HERE.

About the DataHour:

Deploying a model to production is an ART. From evaluating the right fitted model for the use case to choosing a model that has low latency, is reliable and handles edge-cases are all the decisions a data science expert makes. In this DataHour, Shahebaz will speak regarding best practices and have a walk-through of deploying a deep learning model in production.

Prerequisites: Enthusiasm for learning Data Science and Deep Learning

Who is this DataHour for?

  • Students with an interest in Deep Learning.
  • Data science professionals who want to accelerate their career growth.


Mohammad Shahebaz

Data Scientist at DataRobot

Shahebaz is a Kaggle Grandmaster and Data Scientist at DataRobot. He has experience building accurate, value-generating models that are scalable, creating an impact on millions of users with expertise in building state-of-the-art models from the latest research, creative feature engineering, and building continuous training pipelines with live model monitoring in production.

You can follow him on Linkedin, Kaggle and Github.


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