DataHour: Getting Started with Python

Online 25-03-2023 01:00 PM to 25-03-2023 02:00 PM
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About the DataHour:

Python is a programming language that has become very popular for Data Science. It is also used for automating tasks and backend development.

In this DataHour, Rose will teach you the basics of Python needed to start your programming journey and write your own Python functions. Through hands-on coding you’ll walk away with python essentials, data structures and some coding exercises. 

This webinar would be a precursor to learning Numpy and Pandas in upcoming sessions. Otherwise, if you're looking to be a programmer or are a non-technical person using Excel, then this might be useful for you.

A basic understanding of Python programming language 

Who is this DataHour for?

  • Students & Freshers who want to build a career in the Data-tech domain.
  • Working professionals who want to transition to the Data-tech domain.
  • Data science professionals who want to accelerate their career growth

E-certificates will be provided within 24 - 48 hours of the session only to those who have attended the entire webinar. Please make sure to join the zoom webinar with your correct name and email address to ensure that your certificate is properly credited to you.


Rose Missier

Director at Samvit Software Solutions

Rose Missier has diverse experience creating and developing software products while working in large enterprises as well as start-ups in India, ANZ, USA, Canada, and EMEA. She currently works as a Director in Samvit Software Solutions and fosters collaboration and trust among stakeholders thus contributing to the successful delivery of products that resonate well with customers. Her passion for learning and teaching Computer Science makes her teach at universities, write visual blogs on Medium ( founder of recently launched CocoaBytes publication) and speak at conferences. She spends her free time trying to marry Art, Machine learning, and Product.

Connect with Rose on Linkedin, Medium and Follow CocoaBytes


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