DataHour: Hypothesis Testing A-Z

Online 28-10-2022 08:30 PM to 28-10-2022 09:30 PM
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DataHour Recording

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About the DataHour:

Statistics is the science of analyzing huge amounts of data. In the real world, it is nearly impossible to deduce statistics about the entire population. And this huge amount of data needs interpretation to draw meaningful conclusions. Hence, we take some random samples from the population, derive some statistical measures (e.g. mean, standard deviation, variance), and draw conclusions about relationships from the data collected.

Data can be interpreted by assuming a specific outcome and using statistical methods to confirm or reject the assumption. This assumption is called a hypothesis and the statistical test used for this purpose is called hypothesis testing.Hypothesis testing quantifies an observation or outcome of an experiment under a given assumption. The result of the test enables us to interpret whether the assumption holds true or false. In other words, it signifies if the hypothesis can be confirmed or rejected for the observation made.

In this DataHour, Rohit will discuss the importance of Hypothesis Testing, various types of hypothesis testing and its applications in the field of data science.

Curiosity of learning Data Science.

Who is this DataHour for?

  • Students & Freshers who want to build a career in the Data-tech domain.
  • Working professionals who want to transition to the Data-tech domain.
  • Data science professionals who want to accelerate their career growth


Rohit Krishna

Data Scientist at J.P. Morgan Chase

Rohit currently works as a Data Scientist for J.P. Morgan Chase under the Corporate and Investment Banking Division. He has a Masters degree from BITS Pilani in Data Science & Engineering.

With over 5 years of experience, Rohit has solved many problems using AI and ML in Banking & Financial sector. He has filed a patent as part of his research in the field of Natural Language Processing and has written a white-paper on the applications of ML and NLP in automating the process of Anti-Money Laundering checks in Financial Institutions.

Connect with Rohit on linkedin and instagram.


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