DataHour: Introduction to Metaverses and the shift in Marketing Paradigms

Online 02-12-2022 08:30 PM to 02-12-2022 09:30 PM
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DataHour Recording

About the DataHour:

Metaverses could fundamentally change the way businesses and consumers interact with products, services, and one another. Metaverse concepts, such as cryptocurrencies, have a profound impact on today's economy.

In order to stay competitive in a new digital world and lucrative marketplace, brands must make a choice: either they get on board, or lose out. It is evident that the metaverse is generating a lot of buzz. Besides offering more advertising space, the metaverse will also change everything from office interactions to leisure activities and communication. There is no way for brands to avoid joining the metaverse and losing out on access to a lucrative new market if they do not engage in the metaverse.

Everyone will be able to benefit from the metaverse, not just gamers and developers. In this DataHour, Abhishek will provide attendees an understanding of what the metaverse is, what it means for our world today and in the future, and what opportunities it offers both professionals and businesses. Following topics will be covered:

  1. Understanding the fundamentals of the metaverse
  2. Experience new ways of connecting, learning, and working
  3. Professional and business opportunities
  4. Changing marketing strategies of brands

Interest in the concept of Metaverse.


Abhishek Shukla

Founder & Chief Monster at YKCOR GROUP

Abhishek Shukla, known by his pen-name Abhysheq Shukla, is an international keynote speaker, author, psychologist, political analyst, and mentor. His seminars have inspired students, professors, and corporations throughout the world. An expert in strategic business planning and brand management, he is considered to be one of the foremost mentors to CEO's throughout the world. Additionally, he serves as a Mentor & Advisor for the Atal Innovation Mission, the Global Startup Hub, and the Web 3.0 Center of Excellence. He is the founder and chief monster of YKCOR Group and YKCOR Metaverse Services LLC. 

His contributions have been commended by Berns David (Author of Time is Up!) Lucanas, Meor Armer Reza (Author of The GreatestGift), Tinayi Lim (Author of Appsolutely), Tan Choon Kiang (Author of Life makeover), Gurunath Hari (Author of the 6 Dimensions) and Gerry Roberts (Author of Conquering Life's Obstacles, The Magic of Real Estate" and "The Tale of Two Websites).

Connect with Abhishek on linkedin and twitter


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