DataHour: Knowledge Graph Solutions using Neo4j

Online 23-09-2022 08:30 PM to 23-09-2022 09:30 PM
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DataHour Recording

About the DataHour:

You see the potential of graphs in your organization but do your stakeholders share the excitement? This DataHour  will  help you define Graph AI using technical terms and examples and its different levels of maturity. It will give you an opportunity to design a Graph AI use case and then strategize on its implementation using Neo4j tooling. 

In this DataHour Neena Sathi will cover the following topics :

  • Environment Overview
  • Graph AI – Concepts and Use Cases
  • Class Project review
  • Build simple Graph using Neo4j’s Cypher language
  • Demonstrate Advanced graph concepts using Neo4j plug-ins like APOC,Neosemantics and GDS
  • Visualize graph using Neo4j’s Bloom tool

Prerequisites: Interest in Data science and AI and a zeal to learn something new


Who is this DataHour for?

  • Management, strategy and business analyst professionals
  • Architects, technical leads and system analysts from IT organization
  • Senior year undergraduate and graduate students in Business, Analytics, and IT
  • Vendors, consultants and service providers for Graph Analytics


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Neena Sathi

Principal at Applied AI Institute

Neena Sathi is a principal at Applied AI Institute. She has 30+ years of experience envisioning, designing, developing, and implementing AI solutions associated with enhancing customer experience, Backoffice automation, and risk & compliance for many Fortune 100 organizations. She has worked in senior positions at Carnegie Group, Inc, an AI startup, Accenture, KPMG, and IBM. Neena has three master’s degrees including MBA from leading US universities. She is Master certified integration architect from IBM and Open Group as well as certified Project management professional (PMP) from Project management institute. She is also certified in many Cloud and Cognitive technologies. She has widely presented and published many papers in AAAI, IEEE, WCF, ECF, IBM Information on Demand, IBM Insight, World of Watson, IBM DeveloperWorks and various academic journals.

Connect with Neena at:


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