DataHour: LlamaIndex - QA Systems with Private Data and Effective Evaluation

Online 24-05-2023 08:30 PM to 24-05-2023 09:30 PM
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About the DataHour:

In this talk, we will explore the innovative LlamaIndex and its applications in building question-answering (QA) systems. LlamaIndex is a powerful tool designed to augment large language models (LLMs) with private data, enhancing their knowledge generation and reasoning capabilities. We will delve into the key components of LlamaIndex, including data connectors, indices, and query interfaces, and discuss how it simplifies the process of in-context learning by efficiently managing data ingestion, storage, and retrieval.

Furthermore, we will discuss different ways of evaluating QA systems with LlamaIndex, showcasing its versatility and effectiveness in assessing the performance of these systems. By providing a comprehensive toolset for optimizing cost and performance, LlamaIndex enables users to harness the full potential of LLMs in their applications, particularly in the development of robust QA systems.

Enthusiastic and eager to learn data science professionals and students.

Who is this DataHour for?

  • Students & Freshers who want to build a career in the Data-tech domain.
  • Working professionals who want to transition to the Data-tech domain.
  • Data science professionals who want to accelerate their career growth


Ravi Theja

Data Scientist at Glance

Ravi Theja is an accomplished Data Scientist at Glance-Inmobi, renowned for his expertise in building and deploying cutting-edge machine learning models for recommender systems, NLP applications, and Generative AI. With a Master's degree in Computer Science from IIIT-Bangalore, Ravi has solidified his foundation in the field of data science and artificial intelligence.

Throughout his career, Ravi has showcased his exceptional talent and dedication to the field of data science. His valuable contributions as a Data Scientist at Glance-Inmobi have played a pivotal role in developing advanced recommender systems that have significantly improved user experience and engagement. His adeptness in leveraging NLP techniques has enabled the creation of innovative applications that enhance natural language understanding and processing.

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