DataHour: Overview of Blockchain and Data

Online 19-12-2022 07:00 PM to 19-12-2022 08:00 PM
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Find the resources used in the DataHour HERE.

About the DataHour:

Blockchain is a data structure used to create a public or private distributed digital transaction ledger which, instead of resting with a single provider, is shared among a distributed network of computers. It helps in bringing advantages of Immutability, Transparency, Privacy, Security, Interoperability, Censorship, and Traceability.

All the Information we store and use online is Data and Personal data is the information belonging to an Individual person which can be used to identify him uniquely.

We live in a world run by data and these personal data are so important that we live, own, and work in the digital world with this data for example we are identified digitally using this information for financial work like credit cards and this information is easily accessible by many which can be used to act as a fraudulent person. This shows how building blocks of the internet identity and data are fragmented and it is time we do something to give back control of ownership.

In this DataHour, Vedanth will cover the following points in detail:

  • Origin and Timeline of blockchain
  • How does blockchain work
  • Why use blockchain 
  • Blockchain Good and Bad
  • Applications of blockchain
  • Companies leading in blockchain and web 3
  • Future of blockchain
  • Data 
  • How we live and work in the world of data
  • Works and Impact of blockchain with data
  • How we can use blockchain to enable trust and privacy with data
  • How blockchain can enable to transform the world


  • A blockchain Enthusiast
  • Security, privacy, and decentralization Enthusiast
  • A great interest in solving real-world problems using technology


Vedanth Padigelwar

Founder and CEO at Knoct

A visionary entrepreneur with in-depth knowledge of converting problems into great startup products with clarity of thought, to create a positive impact in our society for upcoming generations. 

Vedanth Padigelwar is Founder and CEO at Knoct, he has built a Universal Decentralised Identity to enable a peer-to-peer trust network using blockchain. He has 2+ years of work experience with early-stage startups working as a core member building applications from scratch using web development, Artificial Intelligence, and Cloud Technologies. 

His core experience lies in Product development, Team Building, Raising Funds, and Building a high-value close-door Community. 

Connect with Vedanth on linkedin 


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