Football Hackathon

Online 10-06-2022 07:00 PM to 13-06-2022 07:00 AM
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  • Cash Prize (1500 €) + Sevilla FC Merchandise


Spanish footballing giant Sevilla FC together with FC Bengaluru United, one of India’s most exciting football teams have launched a Football Hackathon – Data-Driven Player Performance Assessment. This Hackathon will be a unique opportunity to effectively use data science in the space of professional football scouting and player performance analysis and enhancement and are excited to have you on the journey. 

Today, data garnered from live tracking and eventing offers a deep insight into the individual players as well as overall team performance across various different aspects. The information contained in such datasets ranges from physical and kinematic variables right up to complex game-related technical and tactical metrics. While we have access to such rich and precise datasets, we are yet to effectively use these to identify the key actions that make outstanding the performance of players in the whole spectrum of roles and positions.

And this is exactly what we are looking for you to address in this Hackathon! We are giving you access to one of the largest proprietary scouting datasets in the world - physical, contextual, kinematical, technical, and tactical oriented data related to the players, the team as a whole, and their opponents. We want you to leverage this data as a strategic asset, to create an algorithm, that will be able to decompose the performance of the players into its main objective elements. and therefore, to help Sevilla FC and FC Bengaluru United to obtain a competitive advantage against their opponents.  


About Us

Sevilla FC has an illustrious 132-year history as a football club - it is one of the oldest in Europe and the second-oldest in Spain. The club currently holds the record for the most number of UEFA titles - having clinched the trophy six times since its inception, apart from various other European and Spanish footballing honors. Their motto of ‘Never Surrender’ characterizes their never-say-die attitude and their determined will to win.

Since its inception in 2018, FC Bengaluru United has been on a robust growth trajectory, both on and off the field. In 2021 they crowned BDFA Super Division League Champions and went on to defend their title with aplomb this year. In what was a strong testimony to their growing process, FC Bengaluru United was invited to participate in the Durand Cup, Asia’s oldest football tournament, beginning in September 2021, in Kolkata, along with other top-flight Indian football clubs. The club has also garnered praise for its holistic vision of promoting the sport right from the grassroots.

In January 2021, FC Bengaluru United announced their partnership with La Liga giants Sevilla FC, a five-year agreement, which focuses on technological innovation, development, and projects in the sport as well as increasing the Spanish football club’s footprint in one of the world’s most vibrant and rapidly growing football markets. Later in the year, FC Bengaluru United and Sevilla FC were awarded the Best Internationalisation Strategy by the prestigious World Football Summit (WFS) Awards. 

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Who Can Participate? Open to all data enthusiasts 



  1. Winner (Global): Cash prize (1500 €) + Sevilla FC Merchandising pack + Sevilla FC T-Shirt signed by players
  2. Winner (India) (if different from global): Sevilla FC Merchandising pack + Sevilla FC T-Shirt signed by players
  3. Winner (Andalusian) (if different from global): Sevilla FC Merchandising pack + Sevilla FC T-Shirt signed by players


How to Participate

  1. Participants may participate in the hackathon as individuals or as a team.
  2. Each team member must be registered as a participant in the hackathon
  3. The maximum no. of participants allowed in a team is 3
  4. You can create a team by using the tab Team in the menu. Following are the steps to form the team:
    1. Enter your team name
    2. Invite the other participants to join the team
    3. If the invited participants accept your invitation, your team has been generated



  1. The decision on the winners and runners-up made by FC Bengaluru United and Sevilla FC will be final and binding
  2. Accuracy, generalization of solution implementation, and presentation of results and insights will be key factors in determining winners.
  3. Throughout the hackathon, you are expected to respect fellow hackers and act with high integrity.
  4. The use of multiple Login IDs will lead to immediate disqualification.
  5. Analytics Vidhya holds the right to disqualify any participant at any stage of the competition if the participant(s) are deemed to be acting fraudulently.


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