GenAI Meetup: Bangalore Chapter

Offline 23-09-2023 10:00 AM to 23-09-2023 01:00 PM
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  • Learning and Networking


If you are facing any difficulty in reaching the venue or entering the venue or any specific questions regarding the event, please do not hesitate to reach out to us on:

  • +91-8074101068 (Aravind)
  • +91-9972378041 (Joe)

About the GenAI Meetup: Bangalore Chapter

In this fascinating GenAI meetup, we will be covering 3 topics mainly - 

  • Building Production Ready Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) System Using LlamaIndex from Ravi Theja, Open Source Developer at LlamaIndex and ML Engineer III at Glance

  • Building End-to-End Enterprise Grade Generative AI workflows on NVIDIA Generative AI Full Stack from Amit Kumar, Senior Enterprise Architect GenAI at NVIDIA 

  • RAGAS Framework for RAG (LLM) Evaluation by Jithin James and Team, Developers of RAGAS Framework

Venue and Location

Date - 23rd September, 2023

Time - 10:00 AM- 1:00 PM IST

Venue - Fractal Analytics, Bengaluru

Located in- Embassy TechVillage

Address- 4th floor, West Tower Block 2A, Embassy Tech Village, Outer Ring Rd, Devarabisanahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560103

Directions- Take me to the Destination


Ravi Theja

  • ML Engineer III at Glance, Open Source Contributor of LlamaIndex

  • Top 5 GenAI Scientist Award by Analytics Vidhya

  • Master’s in Computer Science from IIIT-Bangalore.

Amit Kumar

  • Senior Enterprise Architect Generative AI, Deep Learning ,Reinforcement Learning at NVIDIA

  • Specializes in Generative AI, LLMs, NLP, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, and Statistical Learning.

  • IIT Graduate and Stanford University Student.

Jithin James

  • Co-Founder of Exploding Gradients

  • Developer of RAGAS, a open source library for evaluating RAG systems

  • Specializes in LLMs and MLOps

Why You Must Not Miss GenAI Meetup?

Each Gen AI Meetup offers a gateway to endless possibilities in Generative AI. Here's what you can expect:

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with esteemed speakers and fellow Generative AI enthusiasts, fostering a network of like-minded individuals passionate about this captivating field.

  • Learning and Knowledge: Deepen your knowledge and unravel the inner workings of Generative AI technologies, gaining valuable insights that empower your understanding.

  • Stay Updated: Stay on the cutting edge of Generative AI as we bring you the latest happenings, trends, and breakthroughs in the field.


1.What is Gen AI Meetup?

Step into the captivating realm of Generative AI with the Gen AI Meetup, an immersive offline series that takes you on a thrilling exploration. 

Our vibrant meetups showcase esteemed speakers, bringing their expertise to life through interactive sessions and engaging hands-on workshops. 

Be part of our regular, free meetups and join us on this exhilarating journey where innovation meets imagination!

2.Who is this Meetup for?

This meetup is ideal for all enthusiasts interested in learning and upskilling the knowledge in Generative AI and stay updated with the latest trends and technologies in Generative AI space. Expand your knowledge, network with like-minded individuals, and unlock the transformative power of Generative AI.

3.Is the meetup free of cost?

Yes, the meetup is absolutely free of cost.

4.What are the prerequisites for the meetup?

All you need is a fondness for Generative AI – that's your golden ticket! Oh, and don't forget to bring along your laptop for the hands-on part of the session.

5.Are the meetups recorded?

The meetups will not be recorded. So make sure you show up at the meetups!


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