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About LearnUp at IIT Guwahati

"Data Science is becoming the lucrative career option and is  attracting large number of students. We are conducting a AV LearnUp workshop for all the students interested in data science and analytics. 
If determining patterns and crunching large amount of data into meaningful insights interests you join this workshop to build your data science acumen. 


Only participants physically present at the venue are eligible to participate. 


And why attend the workshop ?

  • A chance to learn analytics from experts at Analytics Vidhya and seek career guidance. 
  • You learn better with building and trying things.Get hands on experience in  building  predictive models.
  • Learn about the best practices in the industry.
  • Get working knowledge of R / Python / SAS / Excel from scratch. 
  • Engage with like minded people.   

Other details:

  • Bring Your Laptop 
  • Install Excel / SAS/ R / Python in your laptop 
  • There is no registeration fee. 

Registration Fee