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About Numerolysis (By iQ’oniQ – The Quant, Logic and Analytics Club, NMIMS Hyderabad)

iQ’oniQ – The Quant, Logic and Analytics Club, NMIMS Hyderabad is proud to present the inaugural edition of Numerolysis with Analytics Vidhya as its data science partner.

Numerolysis is a two-round challenge wherein participants will be tested on their analytical knowledge and their ability to correlate it with daily life. It is a great learning experience for the participants as the event is first of its kind.

Final Winner of Numerolysis

The event will be conducted in two rounds:


Round 1: Online

The First round would be an online round wherein participants would be tested on their analytical knowledge. Teams are supposed to come up with one impactful number that will have realistic impact in daily life. What this basically means is that the participants must bring out an insight which can be related to health, pollution, society, demographics, etc. The topic of the insight is not limited to the aforementioned topics.


Following is an example of an insight:

One cigarette reduces your life by 11 minutes. (Here, 11 minutes is the impactful number)

You have to make a document describing the exact calculation with relevant sources of information through which this insight has been derived. The following link shows the calculation and guesstimation behind the insight

“One cigarette reduces your life by 11 minutes.”


Contents of the submission file

Following should be the contents of the submission. All of these except code are compulsory.

  1. Executive summary – This part of the doc must contain a complete summary of the study. The word limit for this would be 500 words.
  2. Methodology
  3. Approach
  4. Code (if any)
  5. Calculations
  6. References

Here is the format of a sample submission.

The word docs will be evaluated and the top entries will be qualified to the second round. The
word docs will have to be submitted by 10th February, 2018.

Shortlisted candidates for Round 2

Round 2:

Second round would be a presentation round in which shortlisted teams will be required to share their approach over a video call or you can share a recorded video of your approach to the contact email address (

Round 2 will end on 23:59:59 on date 20th February 2018 and the final results will be declared on 24th February, 2018.


Evaluation Criteria

The scores in round 1 and round 2 will be based upon following attributes:

  • Numerical/Analytical Ability
  • Structured approach
  • Impact of the topic
  • Uniqueness of the topic
  • Presentation Skills



  • Analytics Vidhya holds the right to disqualify any participant at any stage of competition if found indulged in fraudulent practices.
  • All decisions in matters of eligibility, authenticity and final judgments will be with the iQ’oniQ Club, NMIMS Hyderabad.


  1. First prize : INR 7000
  2. Second prize : INR 3000

Certificates to be given to top 3 winners

Important Dates

Round one submission ends

10th February, 2018

Round two submission ends

20th February,2018

Final Result

24 th February, 2018


Contact Details


Email ID


Saurabh Gera

+91 8341064488

Nimisha Ranjan

+91 8757649289

Registration Fee

Certified Master Program