Time Series Forecasting

Online 12-07-2017 11:59 PM to 31-12-2024 11:59 PM
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Time Series forecasting & modeling plays an important role in data analysis. Time series analysis is a specialized branch of statistics used extensively in fields such as Econometrics & Operation Research.

Time Series is being widely used in analytics & data science. This is specifically designed time series problem for you and challenge is to forecast traffic.

Data Science Resources

  • You can access the free course on creating time series forecasts using Python here. It covers various analysis and modeling techniques related to this time series problem.
  • Are you a beginner? If yes, you can check out our latest'Intro to Data Science'course to kickstart your journey in data science.


  • One person cannot participate with more than one user accounts.
  • This is proprietary dataset, you can only use for this hackathon (Analytics Vidhya Datahack Platform) not for any other reuse
  • You are free to use any tool and machine you have rightful access to.
  • You can use any programming language or statistical software.
  • You are free to use solution checker as many times as you want.

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