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About AV Premiere League

The season of festivities is at the verge of arrival. While people here have their own ways of celebrating, we've planned to make yours an extremely special one!

If you love working with data, at any time, day or night, on a stretch, this season you'll not only learn a great deal of things, but also win exciting prizes.

Our previous version Data Hackathon 3.x received a phenomenal response. More than 500 data practitioners participated around the world. We thank you all for that. It was indeed our biggest hackathon till now. Gladly, it wouldn't be any longer. This will be even bigger.

Data Hackathon 'The D Hack- Week Long' is now live for registrations. Now is the time, to revise your data science techniques & algorithms and give a tough fight in the competitions. Our defending champions are all set to defend their crown. You better get going now!

Winning Prize

Meet up , swag or vouchers and Knowledge

Why should you participate ?

  1. If you are a curious child, you'll definitely learn a lot by interacting with participants, acknowledging their thought process and approaches.
  2. Prizes, Of course!
  3. Get introduced to the use of new algorithms and techniques
  4. Evaluate your skills and knowledge and seek the best ways to improve

Other Details

  • The contest starts at 00:01(IST) on 26th October 2015, when the data set and the problem statement will be released
  • No new entries would be accepted after 31st October 2015 (11:59 PM IST)
  • People are free and are encouraged to post their challenges / findings / solutions on the discussion portal in the following category: Online hackathon
  • No submission would be accepted after 23:59 on 31st October 2015
  • You are suggested to join this forum during the battle. You'll find live chat sessions amongst the data scientists:Slack
  • After the end of contest, we will release winner's solution to the wider community

Registration Fee