Student DataFest 2018: The Data Identity

Online 15-05-2018 12:00 AM to 08-07-2018 11:59 PM
  • 1143


  • Prizes worth INR 1,10,000/- and 250 Points for AV Leaderboard


You are building your data science toolkit, so how about applying those techniques on a real-life dataset? Data Identity will test your data science learning to the limit and enable you to innovate and find new solutions. It’s the perfect case of learning through practice. This challenge will help you understand how far you’ve come and how much you still have to learn!

This hackathon is designed for those students who are new to the world of data science and are looking to apply their recently acquired skills from Analytics Vidhya's 'Introduction to Data Science' course. To learn more about the Student DataFest 2018,Click here .


  • Only Students with verified Students Account will be displayed on the leaderboard in the contest.
  • Student pursuing Undergraduate/Master’s Degree are eligible in any discipline.
  • Only Individual participation is allowed in the Hackathon.
  • Please adhere to the deadlines given, requests for extensions and late entries will not be entertained.
  • In case of any dispute, decision of Analytics Vidhya shall be final.
  • The format and structure of events are subject to change before the actual beginning of the event.


Prizes worth INR 1,10,000

To be eligible for the prizes the participant has to be a verified student on Analytics Vidhya.

  • Rank 1: INR 25,000+ DataHack Summit 2018 Conference Ticket
  • Rank 2: INR 15,000+ DataHack Summit 2018 Conference Ticket
  • Rank 3: INR 10,000+ DataHack Summit 2018 Conference Ticket
  • Rank 4 & 5:DataHack Summit 2018 Conference Ticket (each)

Important Dates

Start Date

15th May, 2018

End Date

8th July, 2018


  1. Who is a student?
    Any one undergoing a course from a recognised university or college with graduation date on or after15th May 2018will be considered as a student.

  2. I am undergoing a part time course, will I be considered as student?

  3. I am a student, but I am unable to register for this hackathon?
    First, create a profile on Analytics Vidhya (SignUp) and then register yourself as a Student here.

  4. What do you need in a Photo id?
    A photo id is an identification issued by your college / university acknowledging that you are a student. The id would typically have your roll number, start date and end date

  5. How long will it take to be verified as a student?
    We will do it with in a couple of days. Normally, it is faster than that.
Business Analytics vs Data Science

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Please register to participate in the contest


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