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About Webinar: Deep Learning and its Applications

You are invited to join an interactive webinar on “Deep Learning and its Applications” conducted by INSOFE and Analytics Vidhya. The webinar will help the participants be cognizant about techniques and technologies.


Deep Neural Networks (Deep Learning) seek to replicate the way brains process information. Imagine a progression of nodes (neurons), each encapsulating varying aspects of knowledge, and with the ability to communicate back and forth – only algorithmically.


This disruptive technology enables self-driving cars to function, Spotify to create highly customized playlists, Google to identify people & animals in videos, and Siri to process free speech in milliseconds. Deep Learning is rapidly changing the field of Data Science and empowering innovative organizations to tap new sources of knowledge, dive deeper into data, and more accurately predict the future.


Participate in:

  • Analytics Webinar to explore the future of deep learning and applications of disruptive technologies
  • Current and aspiring Data Scientists looking to increase their value, learn bleeding-edge skills, and solve real-world problems with Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning.

  • Leaders that want to harness Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning to gain a competitive advantage and revolutionize their operations.


Join the webinar to understand how to prepare yourself for opportunities outside India.

Why Should you attend this webinar:

  • Artificial Intelligence is booming globally and carefully choosing the right career path is extremely important. If you want to plunge into the Data Science revolution that's transforming the world and shape your career in the most in-demand and sought after technologies, this session is what you should attend.

  • Attend this webinar to learn how to establish analytics career and prepare themselves with extremely advanced technologies for top tech jobs.

  • The session will take you through an in-depth understanding of the techno functional skills you should gain to be able to tap into the wave of opportunities for Analytics professionals.


Dr. Dakshinamurthy V Kolluru

Founder, President & Chief Mentor of INSOFE, Ph.D. & MS from Carnegie Mellon University,Bachelors from NIT, Trichy.

Dr. Dakshinamurthy V Kolluru is regarded as one among the most prominent personalities in the field of Analytics in India. His experience includes a formidable combination of training, consulting and research in Data Science offered in US, UK, India Middle East fortune companies for over 17 years. His expertise lies in simplifying complex ideas and communicating them clearly and excitingly. He has worked extensively in Data Science with majority of his work pertaining to mathematical algorithms and pattern extraction. He has helped set-up several Data Science COEs.

  • He is the Founder, President & Chief Mentor of INSOFE (International School of Engineering), an organization that champions Training & Certification, Consulting, Research and Product Development in Data Science / Big Data Analytics.
  • He has worked as a Scientist with Defense Metallurgical Research Laboratories, India where he had worked on some prestigious projects. He was Chief Research Officer with Prithvi Information Solutions, India.

Prominent credentials:

  • Binani Gold Medal for work under guidance of Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam to indigenously develop Radome, a critical component for Agni Missile (ICBM).
  • Recognised as one among the top 10 most prominent Analytics Academicians in India.


INSOFE is the world's leading research-driven educational institution in Applied Engineering with 14 full-time and 4 adjunct world-renowned faculty members holding PhDs from elit international universities and having worked as CXO’s in large analytics firms. INSOFE has campuses located in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai and offers its flagship program PGP in Big Data Analytics in collaboration with Kirloskar, Pune. In addition to training over 1000 students a year through its classroom program, INSOFE works with over 100 corporations globally to train CXO's, Mid-Level managers and engineers.

Disruptive technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, IoT are poised to change how we work and operate in the coming decades. INSOFE's mission is to help organizations and individuals adopt these technologies using training as the primary tool.

  • Academically all professors at INSOFE are extremely qualified holding PhDs from elite universities across the Globe.
  • INSOFE has world-renowned professors with commendable research experience and they have worked with leading consulting firms like Abercrombie, Ford etc.
  • The professors have incubated a product in Blockchain and created one in Data Science called INTUCEO.
  • The institute is currently working on IoT for Driver Monitoring, Computer Vision, NLP & R.
  • INSOFE’s faculty actively involves itself in applied research, consulting and product development through INSOFE Labs. Current focus areas include pattern extraction, text analytics, image mining using deep learning and blockchain analytics. Currently, these are applied to retail, healthcare and manufacturing verticals.
  • The extreme edge research that INSOFE professors participate in is subsequently fed into the curriculum thereby, make our program industry ready.

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