Webinar: Need of Industry Exposure in learning and applying the practical aspects of Data Science

Online 13-08-2020 07:30 PM to 13-08-2020 09:00 PM
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About the Webinar:

Do you know what is the most common reason why Experts in Industry reject data science applicants trying to get into data science even when they have equipped themselves with industry relevant tools and techniques?

It is the lack of real world Industry exposure in their learning. You can know the most sophisticated algorithm in the world - but it is useless until you can apply it to solve Industry problems.

In this panel discussion, we bring an eclectic mix of speakers with a ton of industry experience reflecting on the “Need of Industry exposure in learning and applying the practical aspects of Data Science.”

The experts will not only discuss the need of industry exposure, but also share what professionals can do to address this challenge and benefit from the advice of these experts.

Key Takeaways from the Webinar/ Panel Discussion:

  • Where is the data science industry headed?
  • Data Science Job landscape
  • The need for industry exposure
  • Challenges which aspirants face in getting the right exposure to industry
  • Best practices & guidance to gain industry exposure 
  • Soft Skills & communication skills that industry expects from data scientists

Who is this Webinar for?

  • Working professional who want to transition to a data science career
  • Data science professionals who want to accelerate career growth with industry exposure
  • Students aspiring to be industry ready for data science and machine learning jobs 


Kunal Jain 

Founder & CEO, Analytics Vidhya

Kunal is the Founder of Analytics Vidhya. Analytics Vidhya is one of the largest Data Science community across the globe. Kunal is a data science evangelist and has a passion for teaching practical machine learning and data science. Before starting Analytics Vidhya, Kunal had worked in Analytics and Data Science for more than 12 years across various geographies and companies like Capital One and Aviva Life Insurance. He has worked with several clients and helped them build their data science capabilities from scratch.

Paul Mathew


Lighthouse (Analytics, AI & Data)

KPMG in India

Paul brings over 15 years of varied experience in Telecom Service providers, he has gained considerable insight and excellent know-how of Telecom operations from forecasting of Business, Technical / Technological interventions, Product Management to setting up the shared services for Customer Life Cycle Management Centre, Finance & HR shared services

Amit Kumar

Senior Director, India Databricks

Is an Enterprise Sales Leader with 18+ years of experience. He is in a mission in helping organizations in India to be successful with Databricks, ML and AI. And drive business & Customer Satisfaction for Databricks in India

Sachin Arora

Partner and Head of Lighthouse (Analytics, AI & Data)

KPMG in India

Sachin brings over 18 years of experience in Analytics & Big Data Technologies. He has worked on strategizing Big Data roadmaps for large Indian enterprises, helping transform them into data-centric and efficient organizations. He is a thought leader on social, mobile, analytics and cloud

Business Analytics vs Data Science

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