Cars24 : Data Scientist

Brief Description of position:

About Cars

Cars24 is a market leader in used car auto tech in India with a presence across more than 180 cities in India and expanding to international markets across UAE, Australia, and Southeast Asia. Cars24 is one of the fastest-growing startups and the first in the used car domain in India to reach a Billion dollar valuation in just 5 years with the last Series E funding round of $200M raised in Nov '2020 led by DST Global. We recently launched our Bikes vertical which has already clocked more than 5K used bike transactions.

About the Role

Data Scientist working on end-to-end ML-driven solution generation and deployment towards core business problems in the domain of Pricing and Buyer Personalization.


  • A typical project would start from analyzing the business problem at 10,000 ft and hypothesis generation by leveraging the clickstream and transactional data spanning over a Billion of rows.
  • Moving on to solution designing including model development and online deployment with relevant measurements in place.
  • Familiarity with cloud computing platforms (e.g. GCP, AWS, etc.) would help candidates to quickly scale their models in production.
  • Model deployment may also require designing the engineering architecture including the microservices development and data pipelining over cloud computing platforms.
  • Successful solutions would also involve designing A/B experimentations and feedback loops for insight generation and model improvement.
  • CI/CD of the deployed models in production will also be a part of the model deployment lifecycle.
  • The most important characteristics of an ideal candidate would be the readiness to hustle, not only to envision ML-enabled solutions that can move the business needle; but also to also take those solutions scalably in production, leveraging a strong background in Maths, Stats, and Computing.
Maximum Work Experience:
20 years
Maximum CTC (in lakhs per annum):
Mandatory SkillSet:
Python, Cloud Computing, Statistics & EDA, Machine Learning.


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