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Brief Description of position:

Growth Analytics  

Clix Capital - Company Overview  

In 2016, a consortium backed by ex-GE Capital India leadership - Mr. Pramod Bhasin, Mr. Anil Chawla and  AION Capital Partners (a Private Equity Fund) acquired 100% of GECSI and GE Money and rebranded as  Clix Capital 

CLIX’ VISION To become the market-leading Non-Bank Finance Company in India focused on Corporate,  SME, and Consumer Lending space with deep domain expertise, and built upon the foundations of  industrial strength processes, great analytics, innovation, world-class risk management practices, and a  technology-enabled platform to deliver unparalleled service excellence 

Job Description 

The role is to design, execute, and deliver analytical studies extracting and utilising data from multiple  sources identifying new insights for internal teams: Customer potential / consumer behaviour analyses,  market analytics and lead generation. 


  1. Importing data from various external data sources. 
  2. Data cleansing and standardization (Deduplication, garbage sanitization). 
  3. Data manipulation to uncover trends and insights (Sub-setting, Pivoting, Summarization, Sorting).
  4. Creating data visualizations to effectively convey findings. 
  5. Exporting data to external sources through reports or spreadsheets. 
  6. Create templates for data manipulation tasks. 
  7. Locate and define new process improvement opportunities. 
  8. Interact with key stakeholders to streamline lead generation activities. 


  1. Knowledge and experience of the Python Data Analysis stack (pandas, numpy, sklearn) (advanced); building ML pipelines and scorecards
  2. Understanding of Regular Expressions (advanced).
  3. 1-2 years coding experience in Python.
  4. Fluent in data analysis in MS Excel


  1. Web Scraping experience (basic). 
  2. SQL (intermediate). 
  3. Familiarity with Linux
Minimum Qualification:

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