Concentrix : Machine learning

Brief Description of position:
  • An excellent understanding of the Machine Learning algorithms related to Propensity to Buy, RFM Matrix, Collaborative Filtering, Market Basket Analysis, K-Nearest Neighbours etc.
  • Ability to convert the client’s business problem into statistical problem and develop appropriate solutions
  • Developing suitable Machine Learning models to predict Propensity To buy (using Structured data)
  • Develop Regression based models, Support Vector Machines, Random Forests & Neural Networks for Marketing & Sales Analytics
  • Leveraging knowledge and experience in Machine Learning to improve existing solutions and design bespoke solutions.

Additional Job Description

  • 5 - 6 years of experience in developing Machine Learning models and specifically at least 3 years on Analytics solutions for problems related to propensity Modeling
  • Hands-on experience in creating and developing Marketing & Sales Analytics solutions in the Business Process Servicing domain
  • Presentation of solutions/ analysis to leadership/key stakeholders
  • Proficient in open source programming including Python or R
  • Data cleaning and preparation (Missing value handling, Pipelines)
  • Expertise in handling issues related to Model Overfitting & Underfitting, understanding of Cross-Validation, Feature generation, Gradient descent & XG boost)
  • Advanced Excel and PowerPoint skills
  • Data visualization using POWER BI or Tableau, or any other visualization tool is desirable
  • Experience/understanding on at least one of the tools like SAS, SQL, SPSS etc. is desirable but not a must
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Adherence to timeliness
  • Detail oriented


  • Understand the requirements & ability to identify the inputs required for the same.
  • Analyzing client initiated conversations & work with manager in creating the required reports
  • Implementing statistical and data mining techniques e.g. hypothesis testing, machine learning, and retrieval processes on a large amount of data to identify trends, figures and other relevant information
  • Track key metrics monthly/Weekly/Daily basis
  • Collaborating with clients and other stakeholders to effectively integrate and communicate analysis findings
  • Evaluating emerging datasets and technologies that may contribute to our analytical platform

Essential skills include CRM analytics, NLP & Text Mining, Python, advance statistics, cloud, APIs, Power BI, MS – Office Skills with respect to PowerPoint, Excel & others.


  • 5 to 6 years

Educational qualifications

  • Preferred MBA/ M.SC from Statistics / Economics / Mathematics, Graduate – B-Tech / BE or B.Sc. in Statistics / Economics / Mathematics


Minimum Work Experience:

5 years

Maximum Work Experience:

6 years


Minimum Work Experience:
5 years
Maximum Work Experience:
6 years
Minimum Qualification:
Maximum CTC (in lakhs per annum):
Mandatory SkillSet:
Machine Learning, Dashboard, SQL, Python.


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