Faircent : Risk Analytics - Manager / Sr. Manager

Brief Description of position:

Risk Analytics - Manager / Sr. Manager:  

  • PD Model, Risk based Pricing Model, Portfolio & Collection Analytics, EWS 
  • Defining policies for different-2 partners, Credit Automation, Rule Engine Configuration, Credit Bureau Understanding
  • Predictive Modelling, Segmentation, Clustering & ML Techniques, Python, Power BI
  • Storytelling, Structural Thinking, Problem Solver
  • B.Tech, MBA, Statistics, Work Ex: 3-4 Yrs. 

Who should Apply?

  • Who have productionized at least 2 models and seen challenges, success and failure cycle of the model implementation 
  • Not a strong believer of Fancy / complex algorithm rather focused of business value
  • Can educate the senior management about the business value of an analytical solution rather techniques 
  • Candidate with No / Less online certifications
  • Candidate with Non-Premier Institute
  • Candidate who have lost their job due to pandemic
Minimum Qualification:

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