IKS Health : Data Scientist

Brief Description of position:

Impact of your role

Do you want to disrupt the fast growing Healthcare industry building cutting edge AI/ Data Science products and services. In this role you will be responsible for developing Deep Learning/ Machine Learning algorithms to solve challenges faced by hospitals, clinics, doctors and healthcare staff. IKS Health is expanding it's AI team and wants motivated highly skilled Data Scientists to join them. You will work with our product, software, business and operations teams to develop innovative solutions for a wide variety of use cases in Cognitive AI across Computer Vision, Speech, Natural Language Processing on a wide variety of structured/ unstructured datasets.

You Know you are made for this role if you have

Advanced (PhD/Masters/Bachelors) degree in a Statistics, Engineering, Mathematics field, Computer Science or other relevant disciplines Want to build End-to-End Machine Learning projects and be fully accountable for them

Have excellent conceptual understanding of Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms Excel in Data Wrangling, Cleaning, Feature Engineering and Data Visualizations

Must have strong experience in SQL, Python

Strong hands on Machine Learning experience across Classification, Clustering, Regression, Ensemble Algorithms, Naive Bayes, Time Series etc

Solid understand of Statistical/ Computational concepts like Hypothesis Testing, Statistical Inference, Design of Experiments, Data Structures Deep Learning knowledge across CNNs, RNNs, GANs, NLP Applications, Computer Vision Applications, LSTMs, GRUs Experience working in Cloud environment is a plus, not mandatory Building Restful APIs with Flask, Docker Deployments is a plus, not mandatory

Have 2-6 years of experience in a role with similar skill set

Your Role in IKS Health #DS #Team

Understand the business domain and Deep Learning (DL) / Machine Learning (ML) applications

Explore and understand the existing Product architecture

Understand the Machine Learning Problem Statement in detail

Understand the data sources, data collection and data wrangling requirements

Develop appropriate data pipelines for structured and unstructured data

Explore and apply suitable Deep Learning / Machine Learning algorithms

Deploy, maintain & re-train predictive models

Test accuracy & effectiveness of Data Science applications

Effectively present results to stakeholders

Minimum Work Experience:
2 years
Maximum Work Experience:
6 years
Minimum Qualification:
Maximum CTC (in lakhs per annum):
Mandatory SkillSet:
Deep Learning, Python, SQL, Machine Learning.


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