Jet2 Travel Technologies : Senior Developer - Data Engineering

Brief Description of position:

Job Description: 

We, at Jet2 (UK’s third largest airlines and the second largest tour operator), have set up a state-of the-art Technology and Innovation Centre in Pune, India. We are setting up a brand-new Data  Engineering program with an aim to make the data assets high quality & available for scientific study  leading higher monetization in terms of increased revenue, improved operational efficiency and high quality service. We are looking for a Senior Data Engineer to join our Data Engineering practice and  help us fulfil our aspiration and journey to become a data first organization 

The successful candidate will play a big role in the success of the new Data Engineering program, the  incumbent would work closely with Business, Technology, Data Science and BI team to build high  quality data platform on new edge technology consisting of Cloud Datawarehouse, Advanced Data  Ingestion framework and Data Science Toolkit to enable organization leverage data for analytics and  decision making. The person should be a specialist in the space of Cloud Data Engineering and Data  Warehousing and will help to shape the tools & practices used by the organization to make the  program competitive 

Key Responsibilities: 

The successful candidate will be a senior person who can independently work on data engineering  projects with zero or minimal guidance and mentor/guide junior members in the team, the  incumbent is expected to operate out of Pune location and collaborate with various stakeholders in  Pune, Leeds and Sheffield. 

  • Comprehend the existing Datawarehouse / Datamart environment of Jet2, build solid understanding of existing ETL, Storage and Reporting mechanism
  • Design and develop scalable solutions to store and retrieve high volume of data on cloud; gathering business requirements to design and create conceptual, logical workflows in Snowflake
  • Work on migrating data in RDBMS & Datawarehouse to Cloud Datawarehouse or Data lake (Snowflake) 
  • Develop and maintain data pipelines to ensure high quality data availability for key data science and analytics projects for Jet2 business
  • Work closely with Data Science team to move ML models to production and ensure the scalability of model with high velocity data
  • Deliver projects small or big with utmost perfection leading to high customer satisfaction; focus on building reusable code to accelerate development
  • Train and mentor junior team members; learn and help support bringing new technologies to the organization to ensure Jet2 is highly competitive in adopting technology innovations

Technical Skills & Knowledge 

  • SQL (mandatory): You should be able to demonstrate a strong understanding of SQL  and be comfortable reading and writing complex SQL queries ideally across multiple platforms.
  • Cloud Platforms (highly desirable): You should have experience working with key  services on either GCP (preferred), AWS or Azure. Key services include cloud storage,  containerisation, event-driven services, orchestration, cloud functions and basic  security/user management. 
  • Data Warehousing (highly desirable): You should have experience working on a data  warehouse solution irrespective of underlying technology. Experience using cloud  data warehouse technology would also be beneficial - Snowflake (preferred), Google  BigQuery, AWS Redshift or Azure Synapse.
  • Data Pipeline (highly desirable): Demonstrable experience working with data from a  wide variety of data sources including different database platforms, flat files, API’s  and event-driven data feeds. Experience building complex data transformations  ideally using dbt. Experience working with large data volumes, near real-time or  event-driven data would be an advantage. Knowledge of programming languages  such as Python would be beneficial.
  • CI\CD & Automation (desirable): Any experience developing or supporting data  CI\CD pipelines regardless of tooling would be beneficial. We use Microsoft Azure  DevOps to run most of our CI\CD pipelines. We also rely heavily on Infrastructure as  Code for cloud infrastructure deployment so any experience with technology such as  Terraform would be beneficial in this respect.
  • Data Visualisation (desirable): Although we have dedicated data visualisation  specialists within the team, any knowledge of, or experience with, data visualisation  platforms such as Tableau (preferred), Power BI, Looker or Quicksight would be  beneficial. 

Soft Skills 

  • Good communication skill – Written & Verbal
  • Ability build strong relationship with people across teams
  • Experience of working with people from different geographies particularly UK & US
  • Ability to negotiate on project timelines, efforts and resources for win-win situation
  • Exceptional presentation skill to an ability to do storytelling to create maximum impact of the proposal or final solution

Leadership & Organizational Skill

  • Collaborate with broader Data team including Data Architects, Data Scientists, Other Data Engineering Teams, Business Intelligence and Visualisation Teams
  • Work closely with Data Engineering Team Lead to help define and execute the Data Engineering roadmap of Jet2
  • Mentor and guide junior data engineers and testers in the team

Qualifications & Certification 

  • B.E./B.Tech/ MTech in IT or Computer Science from reputed institute (preferred) or Master Degree in Quantitative Subjects e.g. Mathematics, Statistics & Economics
  • Cloud Certification in GCP/AWS/Azure (Desirable)
  • Snowflake Certification (Desirable)
  • Certification or Specialization in Data Engineering (Desirable)
Minimum Work Experience:
5 years
Maximum Work Experience:
8 years
Minimum Qualification:
Mandatory SkillSet:
Statistics & EDA, SQL, Python, NoSQL, Machine Learning, Dashboard, Cloud Computing.


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