Meesho : Senior Data Scientist

Brief Description of position:

About Meesho
Meesho is the largest Social Commerce platform in India with the vision of enabling small businesses and individual entrepreneurs to become successful online. Meesho is a marketplace between suppliers and individual entrepreneurs who have a network of end customers on social media. More than 60% of these entrepreneurs are from below Tier 1 cities. We have a presence in ~5000 cities and towns in India.

In the last five years, Meesho has enabled 10 million entrepreneurs, mostly women, to create their own professional identity, grow their businesses, and become flag bearers of change in their communities. Meesho is Series D funded with an investment round led by Prosus (previously known as Naspers) along with participation from Facebook and existing investors such as Elevation Capital (previously SAIF Partners), Sequoia, RPS and Venture Highway in 2019. We have raised $190M till date.

Meesho is headquartered in Bengaluru, India and was one of the three Indian companies to be selected for Y Combinator in 2016. It was also a part of the first batch of Google Launchpad - Solve for India programme. In 2018 and 2019 (for two consecutive years), Meesho was named by LinkedIn as LinkedIn India’s Top 25 Startups - 2019 to work for based on top talent pull, jobseeker interest and levels of professional engagement with its employees. Meesho was also featured on Y Combinator’s Top Companies List 2020, has made it to Fast Company’s The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies in 2020 and was declared as The Young Turks Startup of the Year at The India Business Leaders Awards 2020 by CNBC TV-18

Tech Culture
We have a unique tech culture where engineers are seen as problem solvers. The engineering org is divided into multiple pods and each pod is aligned to a particular business theme. It is a culture driven by logical debates & arguments rather than authority. At Meesho, you get to solve hard technical problems at scale as well as have a significant impact on the lives of millions of entrepreneurs. You are expected to contribute to the solutioning of product problems as well as challenge existing solutions. Meesho’s user base has grown 4x in the last 1 year and we have more than 50 million downloads of our app.

About the role
As a data driven organisation with the core mission of empowering 20 million entrepreneurs throughout the country, Data scientists are an integral part of the Meesho team. You'll develop models and run experiments to infer insights from hard data that meaningfully impacts our 1Million+ resellers. From improving our product usability to identifying new growth opportunities data scientists help all teams within Meesho develop effective solutions.

Here are some of the problems you'll be working on:

  • Understanding reseller preferences to provide them with the most relevant products
  • Modelling which resellers will be the most impacted by changes in our incentive structures
  • Designing discount programs to help our resellers sell more
  • Inferring insights from our existing data to identify new growth opportunities
  • Designing experiments to improve usability across our product suite
  • How can you help resellers better recognise end customer preferences to improve their revenue?
  • Using data to identify bottlenecks that helps our suppliers meet their SLA requirements
  • What frontend visualisations will best help category managers understand the current demand for products?
  • Modelling seasonal demand to predict key organisational metrics

Mandatory Requirements
1. Bachelor’s Degree
2. 2-6 years of experience as a Data Scientist in a fast-paced organization, preferably B2C
3. Familiarity with concepts like Neural Networks, Machine Learning etc and tools like SQL, R, Python

Capabilities The ideal candidate for this role has:
1. A good understanding of and belief in Meesho’s business model and product
2. Strong understanding of Statistics and Linear Algebra
3. Strong understanding of hypothesis/model testing and ability to identify common model testing errors like overfitting, underfitting, type I and type II errors
4. Experience designing and running A/B tests and drawing insights from them
5. Familiarity with Python or R, proficiency with SQL
6. Strong communication skills to explain your analysis

Bonus points We will prefer candidates who have:
1. A Computer Science degree
2. Experience in working on personalization or other ML problems
3. Familiarity with Big Data tech stack like Apache Spark, Hadoop, Redshift

Why Join Us

  • You get to work with people who really care about creating the best engineering culture
  • Your colleagues are passionate about building best-in-class systems
  • You get to take ownership of complex problems and lead teams in solving them
  • You get a chance to change the livelihood of millions of women entrepreneurs in India So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and apply! Let’s change the world together!
Minimum Work Experience:
2 years
Maximum Work Experience:
20 years
Maximum CTC (in lakhs per annum):
Mandatory SkillSet:
SQL, Machine Learning, Python.


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