NTS : Associate Principal Data Scientist (Research Lead)

Brief Description of position:

About the role Who we are looking for Data Tech, the home of Data Science, is a growth area in News UK and we strongly believe in giving our people a clear direction of travel with lots of autonomy to innovate. We want to attract people who have a passion for data and the bravery to take risks with bold ideas. We are building self-organised, highly motivated teams who have the curiosity to ask questions of everything and the optimism to take on exciting challenges.

We have a strong team of data scientists, our work is highly sought-after, and our impact on the business is tremendous. We are looking for an Associate Principal Data Scientist (Research Lead) who is an experienced applied data scientist, with strong analytical, statistical and ML modelling and research skills, having owned the delivery of Data Science products across all stages of their lifecycle, to take ownership of complex projects using innovative approaches, architect solutions, provide technical steer to other team members and oversee and coordinate the R&D efforts of the function. Keeping up with and making the most of the fast-pacing world of technology, research and available data science solutions takes someone who is a technologist at heart, a natural collaborator, and a strong believer of continuous improvement.

Our Current Tech Stack

Google Cloud Platform is our Iaas

Our NLP has been built using Python

Cloud Composer / Airflow is Our orchestration tools

What happens after you apply?

Step 1: within 2 Days of your application - which is wholesome original & expressive - Our TA Team will reach out to you for a quick chat.

Step 2: Within 2-3 Days of your confirmation for the Job Application, you will receive an interview call from your future team to discuss the job role, deep dive into your Data science skills..

Step 3: On successfully clearing Step 2, we’ll schedule a call with your future Manager to deep dive into the role with you and for you to show off your skills through a case study and presentation.

Step 4: On mutual success and progress of the above three rounds, we will be all set to Onboard you with of course a Big Smile.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Manage the end-to-end delivery of own advanced Data Science projects
  • Research, design, prototype and build robust and scalable models based on machine learning, data mining, and statistical modelling to answer key business problems
  • Proactively share knowledge with technical and non-technical colleagues in a clear, illustrative and collaborative manner
  • Provide technical steer, including solution architectures and model deployment support, to other team members and their projects as required
  • Build and nurture strong relationships with Engineering and other business stakeholders
  • Evangelise your insights through compelling storytelling that inspires action
  • Be a critical, constructive voice and provide input on the direction of the team in all relevant aspects, as appropriate
  • Recommend DS projects, given best understanding of our datasets, and the algorithmic ‘art of the possible’; and support team strategists and business analysts in defining, pitching and prioritising those with the business
  • Identify training opportunities, including conferences, in line with team capability gaps and business aims
  • Introduce and manage team’s external blogging schedule, set up Kaggle competitions on behalf of team, and organise Hackathons, as appropriate
  • Coordinate Research within the team by:
    • Ensuring coherence and prior planning in team members’ research time / efforts
    • Executing own research on latest trending ML tools / libraries and methods and make usable recommendations
    • Assessing research outputs based on expected value, relevance and ease of adoption
  • Evaluate third-party partnership opportunities (e.g. where to Buy vs. Build, DS training / consultancy providers) as necessary

Skills & Competencies

The following skills are essential or desirable.

  • Minimum 6+ years of working experience as a hands-on data scientist is must
  • Advanced Degree in the field of Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics, Data Science or equivalent discipline
  • Technologist / researcher mentality and carrying Continuous Improvement (CI) mindset
  • Demonstrable experience in identifying and delivering team development initiatives in the area of successfully advocating for new tools or new modelling methods following external research
  • Strong experience of accountability and ownership for end-to-end project lifecycle
  • Experience in building reusable components in Data Science products and modular solution architectures
  • Experience with data storage / querying, compute, orchestration and ML-related services of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), e.g. BQ, Composer, AI Platform
  • Strong programming experience with Python
  • Great analytical and problem solving skills, with a strong bias for quality and engineering excellence
  • Strong appetite to dive deep into a given content terrain to develop expertise and distil key findings
  • Able to work independently and collaboratively in an interdisciplinary team environment
  • High organisational skills
  • Self-motivated, and a go-getter attitude with a drive for execution
  • Experience working with Agile methodologies (SCRUM)

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