TVS : Principal / Lead Data Engineer

Brief Description of position:

Job Description: Principal / Lead Data Engineer

Who are we?

At TVS Motor Company (TVSM), we like to help people meet their mobility needs with our products and services. We offer our products (sports bikes, scooters, utility mopeds, vehicle accessories, merchandise, mobile apps to track vehicle performance and value-added services etc.) to users across India as well as 60+ countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, with the help our more than 5000 authorised retail outlets in India and more than 1000 in international markets.

At TVS Data Science & Engineering Group, we are a community of Data Scientists, Machine Learning Researchers and Data Engineers, working to drive TVS Motor Company’s research in machine learning & deep learning solutions. We partner with our retail partners end customers, business teams and digital application development teams to build data products in different areas of the customer and retail value chain.

Our Data engineering team is responsible for the data architecture, warehousing and data processing pipelines that power various web & mobile applications, our analytics products and services, and feed our machine learning solutions

Data Architecture:

  • Design and Implement Data Platforms and Infrastructure with considerations around Data storage strategy, Security, Latency, Reliability, Scalability, and costs.
  • Provide thought leadership on the Data Management and Data Governance for the organization from a Data Architecture perspective (data granularity, cross application data access design)

Data Modelling and Warehousing:

  • Create Relational and NoSQL data models to fit the needs of a diverse set of data consumers (Data Analysts, Data Scientists and Business Analysts).
  • Design and Build databases hosting a variety of enterprise data, both on-prem and Cloud, with robust design principles around Availability, Consistency and Performance
  • Design and Implement Data Lakes for Analytics and AI/ML use cases

Data Access:

  • Design and Build Database query infrastructure for custom Machine Learning applications including online and API based queries
  • Design APIs (Application Programming Interface) to support Data requirements for Business Intelligence dashboards

Data Pipelines:

  • Design and Implement ETL pipelines to ingest data into databases from Transactional systems, streaming sensor data, data files etc.,
  • Design and Implement automated schedules for monitoring data pipelines, data quality and data lineage.


  • Design and implement the machine learning lifecycle at scale, from building the data infrastructure to train/test Machine learning models to their production environments. 
  • Management of production ML workflows ensuring automated CI/CD capabilities are built into the workflow
  • Design and Implement alerts/dashboards to ensure continuous monitoring of production models’ effectiveness (accuracy, latency, performance etc.,)

We are looking to welcome someone who joins us as a Principal / Lead Data Engineer for OOG (Order Obtainment Group). OOG group includes customer facing & commercial functions like Market research, Marketing, Sales, Distribution channel management, Digital Assets development (website & Apps), Spare Parts & services business and Customer experience, for both domestic and international businesses of TVSM.

Your skills

  1. Python Programming, Spark-Data frames and Spark Streaming
  2. Ability to build complex business logics using Spark-SQL
  3. Experience working on Databricks (preferred) or Azure HDInsight
  4. Experience in Azure App Services, Azure Function App, Azure Logic App
  5. Deep Understanding of Azure Blob Storage and Delta lake concepts
  6. NoSQL Database development experience preferably on Azure Cosmos DB
  7. Experience on Data Orchestration tool preferably Azure Data Factory
  8. Experience on Performance tuning on Spark
  9. Experience on GIT CLI

Your responsibilities

  1. Cultivate a customer-centric, results-driven Data Engineering solutions.
  2. Partner with internal teams and external vendors to ingest, store and enrich data throughout the organization within the enterprise data lake and underlying warehouses/data marts/etc
  3. Operate as a thought leader with the ability to guide, influence, and inspire peak performance across the data architecture design and ETL functions
  4. Lead large-scale integration and re-platforming efforts with CRM and Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) systems – both internally and externally – to enhance the data and marketing platform infrastructure
  5. Collaborate with Business leaders, Data Science, IT and Digital App Development teams on implementing machine learning algorithms at scale to facilitate audience intelligence, segmentation and personalization initiatives
  6. Collaborate with Business Intelligence and extended analytics groups on data mart optimizations, query tuning, and data model designs with a focus on delivering actionable insights
  7. Work strategically to align data assets, storage, and computation/query layers to support long-term data platform goals, help define data models, publish metadata, guide best practice ETL standards
  8. Make sound architectural decisions across relational, multi-dimensional, distributed and object-based storage platforms

Your qualifications

  • Masters/Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or equivalent.
  • Minimum 10 years for Principal Data Engineer OR
  • Minimum of 6 years for Lead Data Engineer.


We are committed to be an inclusive and diverse company. TVS Motor Company is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, colour, ancestry, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, veteran status, genetic information, marital status or any other legally protected status

Relevant Work Experience

6+ Years


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