SG Analytics : Data Engineer

Brief Description of position:


SGA's Data Analytics (DA) team requires enthusiastic Data Engineer who can use all the available tools in the market and experience in predictive analytics to solve complex problems and drive business decisions. Leverage experience in usage of tools and technologies like, SQL, Python, PySpark, etc. to Extract transform and prepare large scale datasets from various data source systems. Employ the appropriate algorithms to discover patterns, test hypotheses, and build actionable models to optimize business processes. Solve analytical problems, and effectively communicate methodologies and results. Draw relevant inferences and insights from data including, identification of trends and anomalies. Work closely with internal/external stakeholders such as business teams, product managers, engineering teams, and partner teams and align them with respect to your focus area

What you will be responsible for -

  • Writing clean, fully-tested and well-documented code in Python 3.5+ with pandas, NumPy, Dask, TensorFlow, scikit-learn and Django
  • Creating complex data processing pipelines including optimization and user experience
  • Design, develop, test, deploy, support, enhance data integration solutions seamlessly to connect and integrate enterprise systems in an Enterprise Data Platform
  • Working directly with clients to identify pain points and opportunities in pre-existing data pipelines and build or improve clients analytics processes
  • Developing and testing models using appropriate tools and technologies and deploying the same in the production environment using continuous delivery practices
  • Working directly with the stakeholders on analytics framework model building, database design and deployment strategies
  • Advising clients on the usage of different distributed storage and computing technologies from the plethora of options available in the ecosystem

What you should have -

  • 5+ years of overall industry experience specifically in data engineering
  • 3+ years of experience building and deploying large scale data processing pipelines in a production environment
  • Strong experience in building data pipelines and analysis tools using Python and PySpark
  • 3+ years experience in business analytics, forecasting or business planning with emphasis on analytical modeling, quantitative reasoning and metrics reporting
  • Experience in SQL Databases: SQL server, Mysql, Redshift, Access etc.
  • Experience with REST APIs, GIT, AWS & DevOps skill-set is highly desired
  • Strong communication and client-facing skills with the ability to work in a consulting environment is essential
  • Interest to learn and improve all rounded skill set all the time

Required Skills:

  • Python(Expert level)
  • PySpark
  • SQL(Intermediate level),
  • APIs(Look for terms like REST or SOAP),
  • GIT or BitBucket or SVN,
  • Machine learning (classification, clustering, regression, statistical inference, collaborative filtering, and natural language processing, experimental design, social networking analysis, feature engineering etc)
  • Excellent modeling skills

Basic Qualifications

  • BE/B.Tech./Masters in computer science or with a quantitative discipline, e.g. Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Artificial Intelligence
  • Minimum industry experience: 5 yrs.
Minimum Qualification:

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