Smart Cube : Assistant Manager – Data Science

Brief Description of position:

About us

In today’s Intelligence Age, the world’s best businesses have no choice but to continuously strive to become smarter.

Our clients hold the key to this and are today harnessing the power of The Smart Cube’s solutions to unlock new innovation and profit streams.

The strength of our solutions is born of a powerful blend of people, tools and technology.

A rare breed

Back in 2003, the world was a very different place - the consumer internet was less than 10 years old and the smartphone was still a novelty.

The Smart Cube was created as a new kind of business, one that would make sense of the reams of data being generated.

Since then it’s been quite a journey.

A journey that has seen us change the way organisations think about intelligence. A journey that has put our industry on the map. A journey that is only getting started.

Our future focus

We do not exist to help our clients simply fire-fight today. We help them to look ahead and stay ahead. Our vision is to be the catalyst for organisational intelligence for the world’s leading firms.

Job Description – Assistant Manager – Data Science

Roles and responsibilities

  • The Data Scientist is expected to have deep knowledge and skills in Machine Learning / Statistical Modelling / Big Data domain, and be responsible for the solution designing and project management for multiple projects/accounts
  • Design the solution for advanced analytics (including Big Data) projects – what technique to use, what tool/technology to use, etc
  • Scope out the solution in terms of time, effort, team skills needed independently
  • Own the delivery for projects including developing scalable ML models and algorithms and interpreting the output
  • Discuss various opportunities with existing and potential clients at a technical level
  • Lead the effort on developing new capabilities/offerings/solutions across the firm 

Ideal Candidate

  • Relevant experience of 4-6 years in advanced machine learning, advanced analytical modelling and optimization across multiple industries
  • Expert level working knowledge of Python full stack (back-end, analysis layer, implementation)
  • Proficient in the analysis of both structured, unstructured data (text, image, video), and streaming (sensor) data;
  • Working knowledge of deep learning; experience of having executed very large neural network based solutions
  • Atleast 2+ years of Big Data experience including managing a Spark/HDFS based project
  • Business domain and solutions knowledge of multiple industries, especially Retail, CPG, Telecom, etc.
  • Good knowledge of various data visualization tools, especially open source such as D3, Gephi
  • Excellent communication and client engagement skills
  • Team management experience is a plus
  • Master’s Degree in Computer Science / Mathematical Computing / Statistics / Operations Research
  • At least 4 years’ experience in Machine learning, Python, Big Data
Minimum Work Experience:
4 years
Maximum Work Experience:
6 years
Maximum CTC (in lakhs per annum):
Mandatory SkillSet:
Machine Learning, Python, SQL.


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