StrateSphere : Senior DevOps Engineer

Brief Description of position:

Technical Skills:

  • Seven to ten years’ experience and achievement of expert level designing, building and managing a wide range of Amazon AWS environments.
  • Expert knowledge designing, building and managing AWS environments based on core services, including:
  • EC2 – VPC, Ubuntu systems, Snapshots, EBS volumes, Network and Security, Load Balancing, Autoscaling
  • Lambda serverless platform
  • Configure, install and manage Java, Python and other applications, including building ECS based application environments.
  • Expert using open-source Linux environments, shell scripts, SSH tools, command-line editing tools. AWS CLI tools and AWS SDK’s (JavaScript. Python, etc.)
  • AWS IAM and other security services.
  • Experience installing, configuring and maintaining relational databases including MySQL and PostgreSQL in EC2 and/or RDS variants, graph databases like Neo4J and NoSQL database like MongoDB, DynamoDB etc.
  • Working knowledge of Python, JavaScript or other scripting frameworks to automate the creation of interoperable environments using concepts and tools like AWS Cloud Formation and/or tools like Terraform.
  • Experience with standard IDEs including Eclipse, IntelliJ, VS Code or others. And using BASH or similar shell environments.
  • Experience building and managing automated CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins or other similar tools and integrated with code repose like GitHub.
  • Knowledge of Agile software development methodologies and supporting project planning tools like Jira.
  • Deep understanding of S3 object storage and ETL processes, Data Lake concepts and ingestion pipelines running on top of S3 including tools and services like Athena, Lake Formation, Glue, Kinesis and others.
  • Expertise in industry and AWS infrastructure best practices and trends; knowledgeable about applying best practices to building and managing high-quality, highly automated, reliable, resilient, scalable and secure cloud-based infrastructure.
  • Experienced in planning and building appropriate monitoring systems optimized for cost vs.
  • Strong AWS centric project estimation, project budgeting, budget optimization and project leadership skills.
  • AWS technical certifications a plus.

Technical Functions:

  • Business centric. Works with business owners other senior engineers to research, design, and develop AWS Cloud based systems to meet business and engineering team needs. Evaluates alternatives, evaluates strengths and weaknesses and recommends and implements appropriate solutions.
  • Problem solver. Troubleshoots existing systems; identify and implement solutions to platform issues. Schedule and complete continual stream of enhancements and bug fixes, while earmarking improvements for new systems.
  • Automation focused. Employs automation best-practices to achieve operational excellence.
  • Architectural centered. Expertise in architectural principles and design patterns, data modeling, design and manipulation, optimization, best practices, tuning, and leading industry best practices.
  • Team leader. Works well with teams across the company and within engineering organization to foster a positive collaborative environment. Accepts feedback and provides guidance and technical leadership to less-experienced team members.

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