Symphony AI : Sr_Data_Scientist

Brief Description of position:

SymphonyAI’s mission is to transform the business enterprise through artificial intelligence driven  solutions. The firm is harnessing the power of a $1B investment under the leadership of Dr. Romesh  Wadhwani, a highly successful entrepreneur and business executive in Silicon Valley. The organization  has embarked on an ambitious initiative to create companies from the ground up across a variety of  verticals to conceive of and build next generation AI and machine learning infused companies. Since  inception in 2017 the organization has demonstrated substantial scale and success through a unique  blend of early stage ideation, incubation mindset, venture capital dynamics and private equity  discipline to grow to over $300M in annual revenues with over 1,500 employees worldwide, with  companies ranging in diverse areas like - healthcare, retail, CPG, IT operations, talent acquisition,  industrial IoT, media along with highly differentiated technology innovations leveraging AI, machine  learning, natural language processing, unsupervised learning and optimization approaches.  

The leadership team consists of seasoned serial entrepreneurs, technologists and executives from a  variety of successful companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York, Denver, Boston and  Bangalore. The team has a stellar record of building successful companies focused on high performance computing, large data infrastructure, algorithmic intelligence and a razor-sharp focus on  the ability to deliver on product-market fit in disparate domains.  

SymphonyAI Thesis – AI and machine learning have successfully transformed a variety of consumer  facing applications and industries due to the convergence of smart phones/IoT, cloud computing,  advancements in AI models and open-source on-demand, elastic approaches to computing.  Transformation akin to that shall bring unprecedented levels of productivity, intelligence and  expansion of traditional enterprise software platforms within B2B as well. We will lead this effort with  innovative software products that aim to bring a System of Intelligence with real-time engagement  paradigms and decision support systems for always-on optimization, to be complementary to the  Systems of Record prevalent in enterprises today. 

Symphony CrescendoAI – who we are, and what we do 

Symphony CrescendoAI is an AI platform technology leader that emanated from the acquisition of  Ayasdi by SymphonyAI. Symphony CrescendoAI is pioneering technology based on Topological Data  Analysis, an innovative approach conceived of and invented by a group of Stanford University  mathematicians and computer scientists to leverage Unsupervised Learning and Explainable AI based  techniques to tackle problems relating to anomaly detection, segmentation, hotspot detection,  recommendations, predictions, trends, and forecasts across multiple domains.  

Backed with over 20 years of academic research in Algebraic Topology, Symphony CrescendoAI has  built a unique, data platform for machine learning (supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement)  applications by combining mathematical rigor with cloud computing to discern meaning from arbitrary  data sets by analyzing the “shape” that is inherent to multi-dimensional data spaces. Symphony  CrescendoAI has demonstrated that this approach delivers between 50% to 1000% better outcomes  than the traditional mix of machine learning techniques. The uniqueness of the approach is  accompanied by explainable models and enabling “unlabeled” datasets to do it. True cross-vertical 

applicability of this approach has been proven in Financial Services, Healthcare, Telecom, High-Tech  Manufacturing and the National Security arenas.  

Given the disparate set of use cases where Symphony CrescendoAI has found significant success,  SymphonyAI plans to leverage Symphony CrescendoAI’s machine learning platform across its portfolio  of companies as well as create an engine that accelerates incubation of AI-enabled businesses across multiple verticals.  

What We're Looking For 

You will join highly motivated and talented team of data scientist and machine learning engineers, incubating and developing niche data science solutions across industry verticals, in a fast-paced  business environment.  

Position Overview 

Senior Data Scientist 

As a Senior Data Scientist at CrescendoAI , you will be responsible for owning of design and  development of one or more data science solutions with appropriate choice of statistical and  machine learning algorithms. Your resourcefulness, inquisitive aptitude, creative problem-solving  capabilities and diligence in project delivery will be immensely valued.  

Roles Responsibilities 

  • Research & develop Machine Learning models for defined solution. 
  • Apply research methodologies to identify the Machine Learning models for the problem at  hand. 
  • Ensures that appropriate documentation and training materials are created by close  collaboration with Marketing and Product functions. 
  • Work collaboratively with engineering and product management in application, algorithm  design and customer feedback. 


  • Masters/PhD in CS/IT/Data Science/EE/Mathematics and computing with 8+ years of  experience 
  • Candidate should be in consulting Data Scientist role for 5 or more years 
  • Experience in implementing and deploying Machine Learning solutions in production
  • Along with Data Science, candidate is required to have prior experience in software  development using object-oriented programming and database. Knowledge of BigData - Hive, Hadoop, Spark will be a plus.  
  • Experience of developing AI product will be a big plus.  
  • Candidate will have direct exposure to customers / partners / executives in SAI/CAI. Should  be independent to work without directions.  
  • Self-starter and self-motivated. 
  • Skills – 
  1. Object Oriented programming in any language - C++, Java, Python etc
  2. Must have good working knowledge of Relational Databases - especially complex joins.  ○ Experience of working with large datasets on database (RDBMS, Hive, Datawarehouse) for  Data science problem using python or other languages.  
  3. Programming language – Object Oriented programming in Python (must). Java, R, C/C++  is additional. 
  4. Data science skills – Unsupervised learning (must), supervised learning using classical  machine learning, outlier detection, anomaly detection. Skills in NLP and deep learning are  plus, but not a required criteria for selection.
  5. Proficiency in data science solutions in retail / health care / media / telecom are preferred.
  6. Proficiency in feature engineering and exploratory data analysis 
  7. Ability to define problem statement and plan of execution of data science projects
  8. Should have strong communication and presentation skills.
Minimum Qualification:

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