Zepto : Lead DS

Brief Description of position:

Data Science

Core Areas: Understanding business objectives and defining the problem statements, goals and approach. Leading the team on non-trivial problems in terms of choosing the right frameworks and tech stacks. Managing changing stakeholder requirements/expectations along with pace of the project executions. Ability to communicate with technical and non-technical audiences with ease. 

Qualification: Bachelors/Masters degree.PhD is a plus. 4-10 years experience in Data Science/Applied Science/Quantitative Researcher Roles

Our Story

Zepto is a fast-growing startup that delivers groceries in 10 minutes through an optimized network of dark stores that we're building across the country! 

We’re incredibly well-funded and our investors include Y Combinator, Glade Brook, Nexus Venture Partners, and more! We’ve also built out one of the best startup teams in India, with Senior Executives from Uber, Flipkart, Dream11, and institutions like Stanford, INSEAD, IIM, and IIT

Analytics is mission critical to Zepto, serving as the source of truth for the entire organization. You will be working closely with leadership across attempting to answer questions like where to put up our dark stores, forecasting demand across products at a hyperlocal level, designing incentives for last mile, optimizing marketing spends and margins. If tackling hard problems, challenging conventional wisdom and working in a rapidly evolving environment excites you, we would love for you to join us on our journey.

Your Role

  • Work closely with business teams to understand the business objective and choose the right problem statements to prioritize. Here you go on from not only propose problem approaches but need to help the teams choose the right ones to focus on. 
  • Lead/design and help teams run data backed experiments to improve process efficiency and create systems to capture them.
  • Manage expectations and requirements from functional leaders in Marketing, Procurement, assortment strategy and operations to build & execute data driven growth strategies
  • Wear the Zepto badge with pride. We are looking for owners – not employees.

We want everyone to be passionate about our mission and serve as culture Carriers

Technical Qualifications


  • Bachelor's/Masters in Engineering, Mathematics, Operations Research or Statistics from a reputed institute. Any other highly quantitative and relevant degree would do. 
  • 5-10 years of experience in a relevant role

Required Competencies

  • Ability to structure real life non trivial problems into statistical or ML problems as per need. 
  • Experience with a multitude of different approaches and concepts to the same set of problems. 
  • Maintain industry standards for serving and code infrastructure while not compromising on speed in a cost efficient manner. 
  • Ability to manage multiple tracks of requests and projects along with leading the team in the right directions. 
  • Leads internal DS initiatives to push the envelope in terms of process, technology, tools etc. 

Technical Capabilities

  • Excellent scripting skills in R/Python with understanding of version control and cloud ecosystem. 
  • Experience with building and writing scalable software systems. 
  • Ability to write clean and readable code. Clear communication and explanations wherever deemed fit. 
  • Basic SQL with ability to fetch, transform data tables.  
  • Strong understanding of statistical/control system techniques and methods such as distributions(poisson, binomial), data intricacies(independent, skewness, kurtosis etc), closed loop system design etc. 

What We’re Looking For (Attitude) 

  • People with endless curiosity and hunger to learn with an owner’s mindset
  • Structured thinking to solve real world problems under severe constraints. 
  • Comfort with a fast-paced unstructured environment
  • Excellent partnership and collaboration skills with the ability to work cross


Why Join Us? We provide

  • Excellent work environment – An opportunity to work with one of the best start-up teams in the country. The density of talent and ability to work with several years of hands of experiences and learnings across the board.
  • Exposure to challenging problems across multiple domains early on in our journey with a direct line to leadership impacting decision-making daily
  • A chance to lead and setup cross functional data science teams responsible for crafting business strategy and execution on key lever movers for the company.
  • An opportunity to join an upcoming unicorn with a chance to participate in the upside creating lasting personal wealth

Contact us at - [email protected]

Minimum Qualification:

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