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Areas of InterestTensorflow, H2O, Pytorch, AI, ML
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Participated in Linguipedia codeFest Natural Language Processing and secured rank 83 .
Participated in VISTA codeFest Computer Vision and secured rank 1 .
Participated in WNS Analytics Wizard 2018 (Machine Learning Hackathon) and secured rank 146 .
Registered in Practice Problem: Face Counting Challenge
Participated in Enigma codeFest Machine Learning and secured rank 165 .
Participated in Big Break in Big Data: Sapient Talent Hunt for Data Engineers and secured rank 4 .
Participated in Click Prediction Hackathon and secured rank 14 .
Participated in AmExpert 2018 (Machine Learning Hackathon) and secured rank 185 .
Participated in Club Mahindra DataOlympics
Registered in Practice Problem: Predict Number of Upvotes
Participated in Practice Problem: Intel Scene Classification Challenge
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Registered in Practice Problem: Identify the Sentiments