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Participated in McKinsey Analytics Online Hackathon - Healthcare Analytics and secured rank 478 .
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Participated in The Young Optimization Crackerjack Contest by IEOR @ IITB & McKinsey Knowledge Centre India and secured rank 4 .
Participated in Felicity : Kings of Machine Learning and secured rank 73 .
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Registered in Practice Problem: Age Detection of Indian Actors
Registered in Practice Problem : Twitter Sentiment Analysis
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Registered in Practice Problem: Time Series
Registered in Practice Problem: Recommendation Engine
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Participated in Click Prediction Hackathon
Participated in Practice Problem : Loan Prediction
Participated in Lord of the Machines: Data Science Hackathon and secured rank 74 .
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Participated in Genpact Machine Learning Hackathon and secured rank 589 .
Registered in Practice Problem: Food Demand Forecasting Challenge