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Location Edinburgh, UK
Area of Interest R, Python


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Participated in Skilltest: Statistics and secured rank 17
Participated in The Ultimate Student Hunt and secured rank 1
Participated in Skilltest : R for Data Science and secured rank 470
Participated in Knocktober 2016 and secured rank 119
Participated in The Smart Recruits and secured rank 41
Participated in Student Hunt 2017
Participated in Black Friday Sales Prediction
Participated in Experiments With Data
Participated in Click Prediction Hackathon
Participated in Codefest: Enigma
Participated in Codefest: Linguipedia
Participated in Big Mart Sales Prediction
Participated in Practice Problem: Strategic Thinking II
Participated in Operations Research: Big Buck Challenge by IEOR @ IITB & McKinsey Knowledge Center India
Participated in Data Science Hackathon - Cross-sell: target the right customer
Participated in McKinsey Analytics Online Hackathon - Sales Excellence
Participated in Enigma codeFest Machine Learning
Participated in McKinsey Analytics Online Hackathon
Participated in Predict Number of Upvotes
Participated in Loan Prediction

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