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Participated in Game of Deep Learning: Computer Vision Hackathon and secured rank 207 .
Participated in Click Prediction Hackathon and secured rank 14 .
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Participated in Innoplexus Online Hiring Hackathon Sentiment Analysis
Participated in AmExpert 2018 (Machine Learning Hackathon)
Participated in WNS Analytics Wizard 2019
Participated in India ML Hiring Hackathon 2019
Registered in Practice Problem: Black Friday Sales Prediction
Registered in Practice Problem: HR Analytics
Participated in Club Mahindra DataOlympics
Participated in LTFS Data Science FinHack ( ML Hackathon)
Registered in Practice Problem: Food Demand Forecasting Challenge
Participated in DataHack Premier League 2018
Registered in Practice Problem: Loan Prediction III
Registered in Practice Problem: Big Mart Sales III
Participated in Practice Problem: Intel Scene Classification Challenge
Registered in Practice Problem: Age Detection of Indian Actors
Participated in Codefest: Linguipedia
Participated in Experiments with Data
Registered in Practice Problem: Time Series
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Participated in Data Science Hackathon: Churn Prediction
Participated in Practice Problem: Strategic Thinking II
Participated in Data Science Interview Preparation Test
Participated in Webinar on Information retrieval from unstructured text at scale using advanced deep learning
Participated in Data Science Hackathon - Cross-sell: target the right customer
Registered in Practice Problem: Identify the Digits
Registered in Practice Problem: Urban Sound Classification
Participated in Lord of the Machines: Data Science Hackathon
Participated in Enigma codeFest Machine Learning
Participated in Capillary Machine Learning Hackathon
Registered in Practice Problem: Predict Number of Upvotes