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About AV Learnup - Learn Data Science from Scratch Bangalore

Are you a professional looking to develop additional skills that will make your demand high in the job market? Or are you putting your first steps towards your career? 


Go for this revolutionary path which will lead you to immense success. Analytics has now become the major requirement in every field, since all decisions are now based upon metrics instead of intuition. And hence is the requirement of data scientists. 


So if you decide to build a career in analytics, our AV learnUp is just the place you might be looking for! 

I invite your participation in this very engaging and informative opportunity on analytics.


Why should you attend this session? 

• Learn about the best practices to become successful in data science.
• Get the chance to learn from real life experiences of best data scientists in Bangalore.
• Get working knowledge of R / Python / SAS / Excel from scratch.


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