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About #AVdatafest DATAHACK HOUR

Love data and analytics? Come out and join 1-hour LIVE challenges and compete with community members. It's the hour to celebrate the data scientists in you - Eat Data, Drink Data & Chat Data!

DATAHACK Hour: Agenda Revealed

Day 1: How to convert a business problem to analytics problem and hypothesis generation


Day 2: Getting started with Jupyter Notebook and write your first program in Python


Day 3: Understanding the hidden insight of data using data exploration and visualization methods


Day 4: Detect and treat outlier & missing values


Day 5: Build your first linear regression model


Day 6: Feature Engineering and Transformation, helps to improve model performance


Day 7: Validating and measuring model performance


Day 8: Building logistic regression model – Part 1


Day 9: Building logistic regression model – Part 2


Day 10: Building a decision tree model


Day 11: Building a k-NN model


Day 12: Ensemble, Methods to combine model outcomes


Day 13: Apply your learnings on 6-hours hackathon (29-Apr-17, 6:00 PM to 11:59:59 PM)

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