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About #AVdatafest The Mightiest Pen : Blogging Competition

The Mightiest Pen is a blogging competition for all data science enthusiasts.

If you are an adept in data science & want to share your knowledge with the world. This is the platform for you.

Blogathons give you an opportunity to get featured on Analytics Vidhya and share your knowledge with millions around the globe.

Top three entries from the competition will be published on our blog.

Grab this opportunity & improve your ranking on the leaderboard.

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Why to join our Blogathon?

  • Analytics Vidhya being World’s fastest growing and largest community in analytics has a capacity to make you prominent and unique among the data science professionals.
  • If you want to shine and follow the path of your influencers then this is the best platform to invest your time and analytical skills.
  • This is a brilliant opportunity and a great way for budding as well as experienced authors to receive feedback on your work.


  • Every article which meets Analytics Vidhya standards will be published on Analytics Vidhya. If your article proves to be enticing, informative and relevant then we will publish it on our blog.
  • The best articles, as judged by Analytics Vidhya would earn the following prizes:
    • 1st Prize: INR 5000 (~$75)
    • 2nd Prize : INR 3000 (~$45)
    • 3rd Prize: INR 2000 (~$30)
  • This is not all, top 3 rankers of DATAFEST 2017 will take away cash prizes worth INR 1.8L ( ~ $2750 ).


  • You are free to start working on your article once you register.
  • You are free to make as many submissions as you want. However, don’t make multiple submissions of the same article.
  • The submissions would open on 1st April 2017, 00:01 IST and would stay open till 30th April 2017, 23:59 IST (GMT + 5:30 hrs)
  • You are not allowed to re-publish any of this article else where until and unless discussed with Analytics Vidhya.
  • Analytics Vidhya owns the right to disqualify / reject any submission with out any explanation.
  • The decision for best entry, as declared by Analytics Vidhya would be final.


  • All participating Authors must adhere to the highest blogging standards in terms of providing content that is accurate, well-written, informative, and entertaining.

  • The sole purpose behind writing and publishing an article should be to add value to the audience. The audience should get something unique and value add after reading the article. This unique feature could be something you have learnt over the years, a trick you might have discovered / invented, tips you have learnt through your experience

  • Remember the old saying “A picture speaks a thousand word”. Same applies to blogging. Visuals, charts and diagrams make your article more readable.

  • Content cannot contain obscene, indecent, or profane material or links to such material.

  • Plagiarism will not be tolerated. If short excerpts of copyrighted material are used, the original source and author must be cited.

  • The purpose of an article cannot be to expressively sell merchandise or promote a business that sells merchandise.

  • The tone of voice on Analytics Vidhya is polite, down to earth and informative. Please keep the same in your article.

  • Try and keep the article interactive. Invite comments at places, ask questions and take opinions wherever possible.

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