Data Hackathon 3.x

Online 05-09-2015 12:00 AM to 06-09-2015 11:59 PM
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Participate and compete against more than 500 data scientists across the globe

This is the biggest hackathon we have ever conducted – the competition will be intense and the pressure will be immense. It is bound to have nail biting finish and only the people who give up during the contest don’t win! Every one who finish fighting either win a prize or walk away from the hackathon becoming a better data scientist with this experience.

Where else can you find hundreds of people working on the same problem while sharing their approach and insights?

The experience is unparalleled.

Benchmark yourself against the best brains in the industry (did I mention…on a live problem?)

Our hackathons start from the place where data science capabilities of several organizations stop! This is not a homework in your Stats101 class – this is real stuff. These are problems faced by organizations – be prepared to deal with missing values, outliers, incoherent data – because that is how real life problems are.

But that is not what I want to emphasize here. What gives us a bigger kick is that you get benchmarked against the best brains in the industry. We do all the hard work to bring the best data scientists on this platform, so that you compete against them. You get real time feedback on how your solution fares against that of your peers and these rockstars from across the globe.

This is not it – you also get solutions from people who participated including the winner. What were various hypothesis people were working on? What gave them the lift which you did not get? How can you improve your model? What would they do, if they had some more time? All of this gets discussed on our discussion portal. Don’t believe it – check it out for yourself here

Create a profile and portfolio employers can look at

While you are busy racing against the data scientists across the globe, we build your profile and portfolios so that employers can find you when they want to hire the best resources from the industry. If you are thinking how would the employers know? Don’t worry – we will do it for you. You focus on learning data science and we will sort out the remaining pieces of the puzzle. Here is a little preview into the action – we are already working with more than 50 employers in the industry and helping them hire the best talent.

Does that sound like lot of action? I promise it is! I also promise that this is just the start of bigger things coming your way. To start with, this is just the start of an action packed weekend for more than 500 data scientists across the globe. And if you are sitting on the fence thinking whether to participate or not – jump in right now. There is no looking back from here!


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