Data Science Blogathon - 13

Online 09-10-2021 06:00 PM to 31-10-2021 11:59 PM
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  • Assured Rewards + Total prizes worth INR 5 Lakh(≅USD 7000)


Data Science Blogathon returns with a lot of fanfare!

Having published over 1500 articles, we continue to be the talk of the town! Over 500 authors from all over the world are a part of our thriving community. Are you ready to join this international community?

What are the Prizes on offer?

Choose the content you want to create and win for each published article - there’s no minimum views threshold this time!

Submission Type

Minimum Length of Text


Base Reward for Creators Club Members

Base Reward for non-members


1000 words

Deep Learning, CV, NLP, Data Engineering, MLOps

INR 1,800(≅USD 24)

INR 1,500(≅USD 20)

Any Other Topic

INR 1,200(≅USD 16)

INR 1,000(≅USD 13)


2500 words

No Constraint(please refer to suggestions below)

INR 3,000(≅USD 40)

Not Applicable

* Note that the article will have to be technical and code-based in nature to be eligible for the above special categories. Listicles or career articles will not count.

* All International payments will be made via Paypal

What's at stake?

  • The top 3 Articles will be judged based on the number of unique pageviews
  • The top 3 Guides will be judged by the editorial team

Submission Type


Winners Prize


INR 10,000(≅USD 133)


INR 5,000(≅USD 66)


INR 3,000(≅USD 40)



INR 7500(≅USD 100) each

* 3 Guides (Chosen by Editors)

And that's not all! More Prizes!

Submission Type


Bonus Rewards

Article and Guide

5000 to 15000

INR 1,000(≅USD 13)


INR 2,000(≅USD 26)

A New Submission Category - Guides!

As mentioned above, we are introducing a new type of submission this time, called “Guides”. Since we receive multiple entries for the ‘Guides’ category, only one Guide per topic will be published.

Guide Topics

Guide Topics

Guide Topics

Guide Topics

End-to-End Machine Learning Model using Julia

A Comprehensive Guide on Building an ETL Pipeline for Beginners

A Detailed Case Study using Geospatial Analysis

A Complete Guide on ggplot

A Comprehensive Guide on Building Bots using Python

A Complete Guide on Kubernetes

A Detailed Study on Covid-19 Vaccinations data

How to deal with Sparse Datasets

Building an End-to-End Multiclass Text Classification Model

A Comprehensive Guide on using Django for Data Science

Building an End-to-End Polynomial Regression Model

A Comprehensive Guide on Recommendation Engines

A Comprehensive Guide on Building Chatbots

A Comprehensive Guide on using AWS for Data Science

End-to-End Predictive Analysis on Zomato

A Comprehensive Guide on Graph Neural Networks

A Comprehensive Guide on ML Interpretability Techniques and Tools

A Comprehensive Guide on using RedShift

A Comprehensive Guide on Replication in Data Engineering

A Comprehensive Guide on Causal Inference

A Comprehensive Guide on Federated Learning

A Detailed Guide on SQL Query Optimisation

A Comprehensive Guide on Sharding in Data Engg.

A Comprehensive Guide on Neo4j

A Comprehensive Guide on Markov Chain

A Complete Guide on using MongoDB for Data Science

A Comprehensive Guide on Partitioning in Data Engg.

An End-to-end Guide on Anomaly Detection

A Complete Guide on PowerBI

A Comprehensive Guide on Feature Engineering

A Comprehensive Guide on Microsoft Excel for Data Analysis

A Comprehensive Guide on using AzureML

A Comprehensive Guide on using KNIME

A Comprehensive Guide on Optuna

A Comprehensive Guide on Machine Learning for Mobile Devices

A Comprehensive Guide on using Flask for Data Science

Here is an example of a Guide: K Means Clustering | K Means Clustering Algorithm in Python

Feel free to explore any topic of your choice though - the only restriction is that it should be as comprehensive as possible and should be of a minimum of 2500 words in length.

How do I Participate?

To enter the competition, just press the register button above. Once the competition starts on October 9th, please head over to and start writing. It’s that simple!

Note that it takes us up to 36 hours to review and provide feedback for each article. And once you see ‘Published’ on the Editor, give it up to 6 hours for the article to reflect on the Analytics Vidhya blog.

What are the important dates & deadlines?

Oct 9, 2021

Oct 31, 2021
11:59 P.M. IST
(GMT + 5:30 hrs)

Oct 31, 2021
11:59 P.M. IST
(GMT + 5:30 hrs)

Nov 7, 2021
11:59 P.M. IST
(GMT + 5:30 hrs)

Nov 9, 2021

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Winners Announcement

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