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About Internship Challenge Round 2- Analytics Vidhya (Data Science)

This is round 2 of Internship challenge and score of both the test will be accounted for shortlisting candidates for the next round.


About Internship

Want to learn data science from the best? In a company that breathes data in and out? In an environment, where you define your own learning agenda? An internship with Analytics Vidhya is your chance to grab this opportunity.

We are looking for data science interns to join our awesome internship program – the program we hope we would have been part of as students.

To top it up, if you show ownership, curiosity and willingness to take Analytics Vidhya to new heights during the internship, you can expect a pre-placement offer from us.

Last year we got more than 1000 applications and 6 people joined our program. 2 of them are part of our team today.


  1.  Since this is an internship challenge, you are expected to solve the problem on your own. 

  3. The results as judged by Analytics Vidhya would be final.

  1. Participant must update their profile with authentic details and upload their latest CV. Otherwise, a participant will not be considered for the position

What is the hiring process?

Because, we got more than 1000 application, a simple process would not work anymore. So, there is a new format of selection:

  • The first round will be technical skill assessment – and what could be more appropriate than our DataHack platform. This round would include multiple hackathons and contests you will need to showcase your skill at.
  • The best people from the first round(s) would be then interviewed for internship at Analytics Vidhya. 

What should you expect?

  • A team of best data scientists and thought leaders from industry
  • Disciplined entrepreneurship within team. Each person is owner of his own work – you set the milestones, the pace and the achievements.
  • Complete flexibility – we would love to have in our office whenever you feel like. Otherwise, work from where you prefer.
  • High standards, deep passion for data science and a commitment to find out ways to make things work. 

What is the Role?

Here are the specific things you will do during the internship:

  • Learn Python / R, tools and techniques used in data science.
  • Research on these tools and techniques to solve business problems and problems faced by analytics professionals across the globe.
  • Once you have the solution, share it with the rest of the world through Analytics Vidhya.
  • Continuously learning new skills and evangelizing them with in our community.
  • Helping members of our community.  

What are the skills required?

People deeply passionate about data science, who are ready for a steep learning in data science. You should be technically sound and logically brilliant.

Here are some of the traits for ideal candidate:

  • Hard working and passionate for data science
  • Smart enough to learn languages and techniques quickly.
  • Past coding experience will be preferred.
  • Knowledge of data science tools, statistics and participation in data-science competitions would be added benefit.
  • Good communication skills.  

Number Of Internships Available

Additional Information

  • This is 1 - 6 months full time/part time internship.
  • If you perform well, you will be considered for a full time role with Analytics Vidhya.
  • People who interned with us in past are working in ZS, Microsoft, Abzooba and other exciting places. 

Where is the role based?

Wherever you are based. We would love to have you in our office in Gurgaon

Registration Fee