JanataHack: Machine Learning for Banking

Online 29-05-2020 11:59 PM to 31-05-2020 11:59 PM
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Banks offer various kinds of accounts and provide loans based on the requirements. Apart from it, there are other various activities like investments in market and different funds. Overall, the banking sector has a wide impact on the economy directly and indirectly.

There are many banks across the globe that are leveraging machine learning and AI in their daily routine and getting benefits out of it.

For example, top banks in the US like JPMorgan, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, City Bank and US banks are already using machine learning to provide various facilities to customers as well as for risk prevention and detection. Some of the applications include:

1. Customer Support

2. Fraud Detection

3. Risk Modelling

4. Marketing Analytics

5. Customer Segmentation

This weekend we bring to you another hackathon to apply your data science and machine learning skills to solve a problem in the banking sector. So get your thinking hat on and dive in this Friday.


1. Where can I find the dataset and the problem statement for the hackathon?

The contest will go live on the designated contest start date and time. There is a timer that is shown at the top of this page which shows the remaining time before the contest goes live. This is when you can access the problem statement and datasets from the problem statement tab.

1. Are there any prizes/AV Points for this contest?

This contest is purely for learning and practicing purpose and hence no participant is eligible for prize or AV points.


2. Can I share my approach/code?

Absolutely. You are encouraged to share your approach and code file with the community. There is even a facility at the leaderboard to share the link to your code/solution description.


3. I am facing a technical issue with the platform/have a doubt regarding the problem statement. Where can I get support?

Join the AV slack channel by clicking on 'Join Slack Live Chat' button and ask your query at channel: janata_hack


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