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About #AVdatafest Xtreme ML Hack : Machine Learning Hackathon

Come save the world with your machine learning skills.

We are assembling datavengers to battle world's toughest data-science problems which no one else can handle.

We finally reveal the details about our biggest ever signature hackathon.

Xtreme ML Hack is a machine learning competition. It is an excellent opportunity to test your skills and put your innovative ideas on display. Hackathons are readily becoming a means for the aspiring data scientist to make a mark in the industry. Companies are currently leveraging data science to better serve their customers. Come be a part of this competition and work on a unique problem.

As correctly said by Andrew NG "No one knows what the right algorithm is, but it gives us hope that if we can discover some crude approximation of whatever this algorithm is and implement it on a computer that can help us make a lot of difference".

Just have the courage to try and knowledge to use the ML algorithms at hand.
After all, to participate in competitions all you need is a competitive spirit, an open mind and will to win

Our sponsor for the competition is Aigues de Barcelona

Sponsor Description:

The public-private company Aigües de Barcelona manages the integral cycle of water, from the uptake to the drinking process, transport and distribution, besides the sanitation and the purification of waste water for its return to the natural environment or its re-use. In this way, it offers service to about 3 million people in the municipalities of the metropolitan area of Barcelona. In addition, the company develops a management policy oriented towards proximity to customers; excellence in the provision of services; the commitment to innovation and the talent of its professionals; collaboration with other companies, entities and public administration to generate value; and the development of a sustainable model as a strategic axis.


Top 5 rankers of the hackathon will be awarded

Rank 1: ‎€ 1250

Rank 2: ‎€ 750

Top 5 Rankers will be awarded AV branded merchandises

This is not all, top 3 rankers of DATAFEST 2017 will take away cash prizes worth INR 1.8L ( ~ $2750 ).


Contest Guidelines

  • The competition starts at 00:00 hours (UTC + 5:30 ) on 20th April, 2017 and closes at 23:59 hours on 23th April, 2017 (UTC + 5:30)
  • One person cannot participate with more than one user account.
  • Winners will be required to provide a note on approach to explain the algorithm and methodology for solving this problem


  • You are free to use any tool and machine you have rightful access to
  • You can use any programming language or statistical software

Solution Checker

  • Maximum 15 submissions per day allowed
  • Adding comment is mandatory for use of solution checker
  • Comments will help you to refer to a particular solution at a later point in time

Final Submissions

  • Setting final submission is mandatory. If you don't make final submission, your entry would be disqualified
  • No submissions would be entertained after the competition ends
  • Code file is mandatory while setting final submission. For GUI based tools, upload zip file of snapshots of steps taken by you, else upload code file
  • The code file uploaded should be pertaining to your final submission. If we find any discrepancy between the two, your entry would be disqualified

Team formation

  • Maximum of 2 people can form a team
  • In case a team wins, prize would be distributed equally among team members
  • Team once created can't be dissolved.
  • Teams can't be merged.

Expected conduct

  • At any point in the competition, you are expected to respect fellow hackers and act with high integrity
  • Slack Live Chat admins hold the right to blacklist/block any participant found to use foul/disrespectful language. Chat forum will be closely monitored
  • Analytics Vidhya holds the right to disqualify any participant at any stage of competition if found indulged in fraudulent practices and/or practices lacking integrity
  • The results as judged by Analytics Vidhya will be final

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